‘King of the stallions’ Jasper 366 is no more

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January 11, 2023
Photo: RM Photography

On Tuesday the 10th of January the ‘King of the stallions’ Jasper 366 had to be put to sleep at the grand old age of 28. Jasper 366 was the audience favourite of the Stallion Inspection and with his swinging movement he was of ground-breaking influence in breeding.

Jasper 366 KFPS Stallion Inspection 2020 © DigiShots

Fit and dynamic right through into old age

The Sport Elite and Preferent Jasper 366 enjoyed his pension in his breeders’ yard, who have been his owners and carers through all his life, the Teake family, Gooitske, daughter Baukje and son Theo Wijma in Jislum. Right up into his old age the stallion with the lavish feathers, the gorgeous head and the elastic movement remained fit and dynamic, and last summer he was still trotting through the field full of bravura. Recently the stallion started to struggle with a trauma to his leg and that was reason for the family to make the decision that the time for a respectful final farewell had come.

Jasper 366 KFPS Stallion Inspection 2020 © DigiShots

Photo: Cally Matherly

Three days before the Stallion Inspection

Jasper passed away three days before the Stallion Inspection 2023, the very inspection where he was given such a glorious last farewell three years ago. He was 25 years old at that time in 2020 when Harry van Middelaar steered him past the audiences in the long lines, with the audience standing on their seats and watching with tears in their eyes while speaker Bert de Ruiter enthusiastically cheered him on. Who doesn’t remember this memorable performance which gave us all goose bumps?

3000 stud services

Jasper 366 was born in 1995 as Kasper ‘fan Panhuys’, out of a match between Olof 315 and Antje ut de Mieden Star Performance (Franke 251), and he obtained his stud license in 1998 as a 3-year-old stallion. Through his life the total of his registered stud services soared to about 3000, he can boast five approved sons and he has numerous grandsons. He can lay claim to 8 Model mares, 16 Crown mares and 29 Jasper 366 daughters have become Preferent, 61 offspring earned the Sport predicate, 6 became Sport Elite and 14 achieved the AAA predicate.

Listen to this fourth podcast in the series of the Stallion Inspection 2023 to the tribute addressed to Jasper 366 with a summary about his life.





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