Limited Edition earns the Sport Elite title

Judith Pietersen – Limited Edition DC Dressage 2019 © DigiShots

On Saturday the 15th of February Limited Edition (Uldrik 457 x Tsjalke 397) earned his Sport Elite predicate. Which was reason for double celebrations for Judith Pietersen because it all happened on her birthday. ‘We hope we can soon start internationally in the Light Tour.’

Three competitions, six winning points

Kanjer ter Meer, which is Limited Edition´s Studbook name, had already collected six winning points in three competitions which is in fact, enough for the Sport Elite predicate. A precondition for this honorary title is however, five starts. At the Sub top competition in Exloo, which had been postponed to the 15th of February because of the storm, the time was ripe. Limited Edition is now entitled to flaunt the Sport Elite predicate behind his name. The 9-year-old stallion achieved a score of 65.368% and a 3rd prize in the Prix St. Georges.

Enthusiasm in his behind

With these fine scores the Light Tour seems to be a piece of cake for Judith and Limited. ‘We have gained a lot more self-confidence in riding the test, so there´s more room for taking little risks’, Judith explains. ‘I can feel it in the trot, and the series too are flawless.’ The only thing is that Limited gets a bit ‘hot’ now and then, she says. ‘He has done a few shows recently and then he still has that kind of enthusiasm in his behind.’ Limited and Judith are putting in an appearance in a show at Indoor Brabant, on March the 12th. ‘In terms of focus we have to switch gears between competitions and shows. And in between I frequently take Lim for a hack through the woods, that keeps him fresh for the training sessions.’

International event

They are planning an international event in the Light Tour in the near future. ‘Where and when I don´t know yet, but then we want to ride an Inter I’, Judith announces. ‘It´s a fact that Limited is becoming sharper and stronger. We´re working to fine-tune the various exercises and are ‘playing’ a bit at dribbling in the trot. He´s getting to grips with the piaffe and the passage looks rather nice too’, his rider describes enthusiastically, indicating that she´s in no hurry. ‘He´s getting stronger and more skilled and that takes time when you have such a big body. So we´re slowly but steadily working our way towards a smooth transition to the ‘Heavy Tour’.

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