Limited Edition has passed away

Kop Jansen Limited Edition Ted Kop Jansen Stables 2016 © DigiShots

On Sunday the 10th of July we lost KFPS Horse of the Year 2017 Limited Edition Sport Elite (Uldrik 457 x Tsjalke 397), Judith Pietersen has announced. Limited was a genuine ambassador for the Friesian horse. Not only because of his show performances with Judith, but especially so because he achieved such fantastic results in the dressage ring.

Never ill or injured

Limited Edition (born Kanjer ter Meer) died at the age of eleven. He has never been ill or injured, Judith Pietersen posted on her Facebook page. It was therefore a huge shock and with enormous sadness that his rider informs us that her beloved Lim died of a gastric rupture on Sunday morning July the 10th. ‘There was nothing we could do to prevent it, but he hasn’t suffered.’ He had an amazing character, a fantastic soul, is how she describes him: ‘I’m forever grateful for the joy he has brought to so many people.’

On track for Grand Prix

This spring Limited and Judith got back on track in dressage after a short break. With scores hovering around 70% in Prix St. Georges they rode themselves into the top segment of the sub top dressage scene. The combination was well on their way to start at Grand Prix level. Judith and Limited became Hippiade Champion in Z1 dressage and European Champion 6-year-old Friesian horses. In between they were also a dazzling presence in the ‘The Storm Rider’ and gave shows during Friesian Proms and at Indoor Brabant.


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