Linda van Eijl wins foal judiging competition

Overall beste veulen Mirael D. (Matthys 504) (Foto: Karolina Wengerek)

The last judging competition of this year, this time with 4 foals, was not easy. Of the many entrants, only one had the same opinion as the jury members Jan Hellinx and Sabien Zwaga. Linda van Eijl was the one with the right order this time and gets something nice from the webshop from the KFPS.

Early next week, we will announce the final score including the “Overall Winner Judging Contests 2020”.

Judging Competition V Foals 

Line-up: A, D, B, C

We have assessed and lined up four foals on the basis of video footage. This set-up makes it difficult to assess legwork so the line-up can deviate from the line-up that would have been made in a live inspection situation.

Foal A

A longlined foal with good breeding type and an expressive head and fine shape of the neck. Conformation of the foal shows horizontal body shape, a good topline and good croup conformation. In walk the hind leg displays satisfactory engagement and the foal moves with satisfactory use of the body. The foal demonstrates good self-carriage, suppleness and light-footedness, lots of balance too and therefore has no problem with transitions. A foal that is placed in first position because of its good breeding type, correct build and convincing movement.

Please note: From a welfare perspective our policy dictates that the mare accompanying the foal must be sound. This mare in question struggles in the trot.

Foal D

A foal with more than satisfactory breeding type and an expressive head, good shape of the neck which however, lacks a bit of length. The foal has a modern build, is high-legged with uphill conformation and a tight topline, the croup needs more length. The walk demonstrates satisfactory scope and tact but needs to develop more bend in the hock. The trot has a light-footed quality, lots of balance and capacity for transitions although the foal remains slightly tight in the topline. This foal is placed second because of its modern build and technically good trot.

Foal B

A foal with great stature: a noble head, long neck, but a little deep from the chest. It is a big-framed foal, shoulder conformation is slightly steep, strength of the back is satisfactory, the loin section is a little weak. The croup needs more length. In walk the foal sometimes struggles with the tact and must develop more length of stride and movement through the body. Uphill body posture in trot is satisfactory but the foreleg must develop more forward reach and the hind leg must be placed under the body with more alacrity. A breed-typical foal that scores satisfactory on conformation but needs to convince more in movement compared to the first two foals, which explains its third place.

Foal C

A well-developed foal with lots of breed expression, a vertically-placed neck albeit a bit heavy and deep from the chest, the head shows satisfactory expression. The foal has good shoulder conformation, the back is a little weak, croup conformation is good and shows length. In walk the foal must learn to move with more regularity of strides. Especially in the beginning, the foal lacks balance in trot. This breed-typical, well-built foal comes in fourth position because at this moment movement should demonstrate more tact.



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