Live stream inspections

Due to the corona measures, all planned studbook inspections and breeding days up to and including 1 September have been canceled. From the start of government measures, the KFPS has made efforts to organize alternatives to inspections and assessments that fit within the corona measures. These alternative inspections take place behind closed doors. In order to be able to follow these inspections, there is a camera that provides a live stream. You can immediately view the homepage. The method of inspection / assessment is shown below per inspection category. In addition, the recordings of the inspections already held can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

• Studbook recording (mares and geldings)
• Star declaration (mares, geldings and stallions)
• Degree increase (mares and geldings)
• Priming Star and Crown Mares

The horses in these categories are inspected at the location of the training stables. The dates of these site inspections are shown below and are listed under Startlists on the KFPS site. The horses can be registered on the website for this inspection via MijnKFPS. It is important that before a horse is registered for a location inspection, the relevant training stable is contacted to reserve a place.

No Central Mare Inspection

It has since been announced that the Central Mare Inspection will not take place. Horses that receive a first premium are invited to a second presentation on the same day. At this second presentation, the jury decides whether a horse (provisional) Kroon resp. Model becomes. This result will be announced immediately.
Given the small scale of these inspections, owners can attend the inspection in consultation with the training stable, with due observance of the RIVM rules. The location inspections can be followed by a live stream for all interested parties. The following site inspections are planned:

Juni 2020
5 Locatiekeuring Stal de Mersken, Siegerswoude
10 Locatiekeuring Stal Sibma, Rottum
10 Locatiekeuring Stal Eppinga, Oudemirdum
13 Locatiekeuring Stal Lueks, Diever
13 Locatiekeuring Stal Henswoude, Oldeboorn
17 Locatiekeuring Stal Chardon, Jorwert
18 Locatiekeuring Stal Van Manen, Ede
19 Locatiekeuring Stal de Mersken, Siegerswoude
20 Locatiekeuring Stal fan de Kadyk, Sintjohannesga
24 Locatiekeuring De Nieuwe Heuvel, Lunteren
27 Locatiekeuring Stal Hestegaarden, Beek en Donk

Juli 2020
3 Locatiekeuring Stal Bosma, Kollumerzwaag
6 Locatiekeuring HVM Stal, Hoornsterzwaag
6 Locatiekeuring Stal Mellema, Beetsterzwaag
8 Locatiekeuring Stal van Manen, Ede
10 Locatiekeuring Stal de Mersken, Siegerswoude
14 Locatiekeuring Stal Chardon, Jorwert
17 Locatiekeuring Stal Lueks, Diever
17 Locatiekeuring Stal Henswoude, Oldeboorn
18 Locatiekeuring Stal fan de Kadyk, Sintjohannesga
20 Locatiekeuring De Nieuwe Heuvel, Lunteren
21 Locatiekeuring Stal Sibma, Rottum
21 Locatiekeuring Stal Eppinga, Oudemirdum
24 Locatiekeuring Stal de Mersken, Siegerswoude
25 Locatiekeuring Stal Hestegaarden, Beek en Donk
25 Locatiekeuring Stal Spliethof, Bladel
27 Locatiekeuring Stal Veenstra, Ureterp
27 Locatiekeuring Stal Heuker, Zevenhuizen
31 Locatiekeuring Stal van Manen, Ede

Foal inspections
Chipping foals

Foal inspections are held in July and August in collaboration with the 10 breeding associations. Foals can also be chipped during these inspections. A maximum of 60 foals can be registered per inspection. The foal inspections are not open to the public and cannot be followed via a live stream. Foals can be registered for an inspection via MijnKFPS on the studbook website. For the inspection dates, the original date of the breeding day has been maintained for each breeding association as much as possible. The following foal inspections are now planned:

4 juli in Harich (It Fryske hynder)
5 juli in Peelbergen (Friesch Paard Limburg) tevens IBOP
18 juli in Sumarreheide (Ta it Bihâld)
25 juli in Hemrik (It Fryske Greidhynder)
1 augustus in Middenbeemster (Het Friese Paard Noord- en Zuid Holland)
1 augustus in Boxtel (Het Friesche Paard Zuid Nederland)
15 augustus in Oldeholtpade (Het Friese Paard Wolvega e.o.)
20 & 22 augustus St. Nicolaasga (It Fryske Hynder)

IBOP assessments

Regular IBOP assessments are scheduled from 1 June. These assessments are not open to the public. The dates are listed in Starting Lists on the KFPS site. The IBOP assessments are not streamed. The alternative to the IBOP, the two-week ABFP test, remains available for the reduced rate. For this, please contact Eveline van Kooten.

ABFP testing

For the time being, the ABFP will continue to take place behind closed doors and without owners. During the assessment days, the performances of the participating horses can be followed via the live stream.