Liza van de Meikade Model (Maurus 441) Champion Central Inspection American East Coast

Liza van de Meikade Model (Maurus 441) has become Champion of America´s East Coast (Photo): Dallys M photography)


At the inspection in Somers, America, 8-year-old Liza van de Meikade (Maurus 441) was declared Model by Jury members Louise Hompe and Corrie Terpstra. ‘Liza is a generously-built, slightly classical mare whose movement is absolutely phenomenal,’ Louise Hompe states, ‘every stride is right, really very special to see.’ The inspection took place on the east coast on October the 3rd. And for the second time in her career Liza became a very convincing Champion of the Central Inspection.

Two Central Inspections

In 2016 Liza, at the age of five, was the first Central Inspection Champion in America. This is the first time there are two Central Inspections in America: one on the east coast and one on the west coast. Because of the immense distances this is a way to persuade more breeders to present their mare at a Central Inspection.

Sport Predicate

This mare was bred by Willem Lokhorst and brought to America by owner Claudia Rayner in 2014. ‘When I watched her sales video I just knew I had to buy her. She had such wonderful movement. She is competing in dressage sports with Jessica O’Donell and the plan is to ride Liza to the Sport predicate. Last year she gave a filly foal by Hessel 480. She will be used for breeding again in the future.’

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