Looking ahead

Again, the last Phryso of the year! How time flies! We can look back on a wonderful year for our Studbook. Many highlights, and as the finale: seven newly-approved stallions and an amazing 112 stallions through to the Second Viewing. And last but not least, the election of the Horse of the Year with three top-class horses of our Friesian breed.
And just as important: the Meeting of the Member Council in Zwolle. We are very fortunate to have the commitment of the members on the Member Council who represent all the others. The Council members don’t do this to serve themselves, but to serve the entire community of the Studbook. Two Board members stepped down from the Board: Roelof Bos and Detlef Elling. Obviously, we will reserve a moment during the Stallion Inspection to give them their official goodbye and to shower them with the praise they deserve. I’m glad to be able to announce that Roelof is going to complete his work for the Structure Committee and that Detlef is happy to adopt the role of ambassador for the KFPS. Two new Board members were installed: Martine Breedveld and Jan Veldhuis. The Meeting of the Member Council offered an opportunity to get better acquainted with these two new Board members and there will be many a chance to meet them in the near future.

The approval of the breeding research struck an important chord with me, a fantastic decision. This required amendment of the Registration Regulations because in the future the DNA tests will be carried out by means of 80,000 SNP. Quite a technical context, but it was transparently explained by Marije Steensma B Sc and Dr. Bart Ducro B Sc who, together with their colleagues from the Wageningen University & Research are going to conduct this research over the next four years. We will keep you all up-to-date of this research, which is of such great relevance for the KFPS and all its members, via the website and Phryso. The approval of this research is a milestone for the KFPS because is is aimed at safeguarding the future of the Studbook by improving the health of our Friesian horses and at the same time by increasing the diversity in lineages.
And then 2023. As is traditionally the case, the KFPS kicks off with a grand happening: the Stallion Inspection in the WTC on the 12th, 13th and 14th of January with the Friesian Proms taking place on the Thursday- and Friday evenings. It is the absolute top event on the calendar of our Studbook, where we flock together to meet each other and above all, to enjoy our magnificent black pearls.
I wish everyone a Happy 2023!

Tineke Schokker-Strampel

Chairwoman KFPS

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