Louise Hompe: ‘Friesian breeders have every right to be proud of their heritage’

Louise Hompe nam op de hengstenkeuring afscheid van de inspectie (foto: Leanjo de Koster)


November 6, 2021
At the stallion inspection Louise Hompe took her farewell from the Inspection (photo: Leanjo de Koster)

The November issue of Phryso features an interview with the prominent Louise Hompe, who, in her capacity as member of the KFPS Jury body, is a well-known personality at inspections. Louise has taken her farewell from the Inspection but as a Jury member is keen to remain active for her beloved Friesian horse for as long as possible.

A life’s mission

January of last year was the last time Louise Hompe acted as Chairman of the Stallion Inspection Committee and now she has said her goodbye to the Inspection. ‘Within the Inspection it was my task to train new Jury members and to give refresher courses to the Jury body. It has always given me great pleasure. It’s terribly important to keep captivating and engaging young people,’ says Louise, who, in her working life, also used to consider the development of young adolescents as an important mission in her life. Last August she retired from her job of Manager Educations at the Alfa-college in Groningen.

Modern outlook

Together with Onno van Praag and Ineke van Gent, Louise started a breeding stud under the name of ‘Fan ‘e Grupstal’. The three of them bred multiple Model mares and two Studbook stallions from the successful Celma line from pedigree 15: Gaije 295 and Tsjalke 397. From the same dam line they bred Lolke 371, who has a ‘Fan ‘e Grupstal’ granddam. Gaije 295 was active in the sport both under saddle as well as in showdriving. In those days, the early 90ies, that was quite unique but Louise was convinced that dressage and showdriving could be a good combination: “Back then that was pretty much a modern point of view.’

Proud of heritage

Louise has many stories to tell. Like for instance the time when there was a Jury team that was completely made up of women. In 1988 that was so extraordinary that it made headlines in the newspaper. Her job of Jury member has taken her on travels to all corners of the world: ‘Friesian horses have achieved so much. Friesian breeders have every right to be proud of their heritage.’

Friesian horse all over the world

Along with being a healthy and inquisitive sport horse, for Louise the Friesian horse is first and foremost a family horse and she hopes it will stay that way in the future: ‘I hope the Friesian horse will always be the family horse that gives pleasure to several generations, from children to grandmother. It would be fantastic if we as a Studbook can go on conquering the world with our Friesian horse and hopefully one day there will be a Friesian at the Olympic Games. The breeding type and the honest and inquisitive character make it such a special breed.’

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