Louise Hompe ‘Grande Dame’ of the Friesian horse passed away

Louise Hompe nam op de hengstenkeuring afscheid van de inspectie (foto: Leanjo de Koster)

On Thursday, May 4, Louise Hompe (68) passed away. Louise was involved with the KFPS since 1985 of which 15 years as inspector. Louise was awarded the golden KFPS pin in 2020 in appreciation for her unbridled dedication to the Friesian horse.
Both at home and abroad she earned much respect and esteem with her great expertise, open and inspiring communication and enormous involvement. With the loss of Louise, the KFPS loses a true ambassador of the Friesian horse and above all an engaging and ‘royal’ personality.

In addition, and perhaps above all, she was a successful breeder of Friesian horses. KFPS studbook stallions Tsjalke 397 and Gaije 295 were born out of the fan ‘e Grupstal breeding which also produced fine and sporting results in the female line. Last summer, Farah Diba fan ‘e Grupstal Ster AAA, bred by her and partner Ralph Wijnmaalen, won the Pavo Fryso Bokaal among the five-year-old horses. Her breeding she has passed on and is in good hands with her equine daughter Marit van Ingen Schenau.

Louise was the first female inspector of the KFPS. In 2020 she retired as inspector and was active for the last time as chairman during the Hengstenkeuring. She wanted to give space to young people because she felt it was important to “captivate and engage” young people. In the process, she continued to do jury work, and was above all a motivating questioner for anyone who wanted to know something about her beloved Friesian horse. In November 2021 an extensive interview with Louise appeared in Phryso with the headline: ‘Friesian breeders have every right to be proud of their heritage.’

Louise developed breast cancer in 2010; new metastases were diagnosed in 2021. Bravely, combative and always positive, she managed to get back up each time. Last Stallion Show she could be found in the front row at the WTC in Leeuwarden for all three days. Until the very end she remained involved with everything that was going on around the Friesian horse, the KFPS and her colleagues of the jury corps.

Louise was a very versatile person. She worked as training manager at the Alfa College in Groningen until August 2021. Besides her devotion to the Friesian horse, she was also a Flamenco dancer, wrote three autobiographical books, with her last book – written in spare time as she put it herself – being published two weeks before her death.

The KFPS wishes her partner Ralph, family and all those who loved her strength with this great loss.


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