Marc-Peter Spahn honoured with the Silver KFPS Pin

Marc-Peter Spahn na het ontvangen van de KFPS Zilveren Speld, met links zijn vriendin Ykje Baron (Foto: Ingrid Truijens) Marc-Peter Spahn shortly after being honoured with the Silver KFPS Pin, with on his left his girlfriend Ykje Baron (Photo: Ingrid Truijens)

On Saturday the 21st of September, KFPS Chairman Bert Wassenaar presented Marc-Peter Spahn with the Silver KFPS Pin for his extraordinary services to the Friesian horse. ‘Marc-Peter Spahn is a pioneer, a promoter as well as an ambassador for the Friesian breed’, was Wassenaar´s fine commentary on the twenty years Peter has wholeheartedly dedicated himself to working with Friesians. ‘The Friesian horse has experienced a turbulent development. The fact that the Friesian breed is so anchored in today´s equine world is both credit to the horse itself as well as to the people who have shepherded the Friesian horse every step of the way. One of the greatest pioneers, promoters and ambassadors is Marc-Peter Spahn and he therefore deserves this place in the spotlight.’

Adel 357, Anders 451 and Elias 494

Wassenaar illustrated how Spahn has been actively involved with Friesians for around twenty years and how three stallions are the connecting thread throughout his career. ‘Adel 357, the first Friesian horse to act at Grand Prix level, his son Anders 451 who came to be approved via the Short Test and who was the first Friesian to take part in the World Championships in 2015 and of course Elias 494. With him Marc-Peter showed in even more perfection what the Friesian horse is capable of. Their qualification to be part of the World Championships Young Dressage Horses in Ermelo this summer contributes to the acknowledgement of the Friesian breed as a dressage horse, hopefully soon to be adopted by the WBFSH, the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses.’ ‘For instance when the horse enters the dressage arena with trimmed socks. He knows how to deal with this in a positive way. What´s more, Marc-Peter plays an exemplary role, he gives clinics and coaches riders within and outside the country.’


Marc-Peter was speechless when Bert Wassenaar attached the Silver Pin to his coat. ‘I had never expected this. Taking it all in I must say I´m very proud of what has happened. The very day I started with Adel I completely lost my heart to Friesian horses.’

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