Mare Show Western America: Jewel’s Black Diamond Preliminary Crown (Jorn 430) Champion


October 17, 2022

Champion at the Mare Show in Western America on Saturday the 15th of October is the 3-year-old Jewel’s Black Diamond (Jorn 430 x Aan 416). Judges Jolanda Slootjes and Willem Sonnema declared this mare, bred and owned by Anette Carpenter, Preliminary Crown.

Gold for Diamond

The Mare Show is more or less the American equivalent of the Central Inspection. In the region West eight mares put in an appearance to present themselves once again to the Jury. During the Mare Show it was Diamond who impressed with her class and youthfulness. Because of her noble head she radiated breed expression, she also has a well-shaped neck but she would benefit from a little more poll. The mare has an upward build, a strong topline, good shoulder conformation and a long, slightly sloping croup. ‘Her walk was roomy and regular with lots of shoulder freedom and fine use of the foreleg’, Jolanda Slootjes and Willem Sonnema commented. ‘The trot, occasionally in a slightly high rhythm, was powerful, uphill and nicely through the body.’ Diamond received a first premium and became Preliminary Crown.

Fimke (Julius 486) Reserve Overall Champion


In the older mares Fimke Star (Julius 486 x Sipke 450) made a strong impression and along with the Champion Title for older mares was also awarded the Reserve Overall Title. Fimke was bred by Pier and Darlene van der Hoek and her owner Marieke Ypma was present at the inspection too. The 5-year-old Fimke has a slightly long but expressive face, good shape of the neck and a generous poll. She combines a strong topline with good body shape and satisfactory length of croup. Her dry legwork has slightly narrow feet. The Jury members noticed that Fimke walked with activity, long strides and well from the shoulder. Her trot was active, in a nice uphill frame and with good bend in the hind leg. Capacity for transition needs to improve.

First premium for Crown mare Marjet

There was another first premium for the 10-year-old Crown mare Marjet van de Slingenberg Crown Sport AA (Bente 412 x Olof 315). Marjet, bred by Willem Vogelzang and in ownership of Anette Carpenter, is the dam of this year’s Champion foal by Teun 505, but nevertheless proved to be in prime condition. The mare has satisfactory expression of the, somewhat longish head, has a long neck and beautiful feathers. Her topline displayed satisfactory strength, the croup is sloping. Stance is a bit toeing-in and her legwork should radiate a bit more quality. But above all, Marjet presented an active walk with suppleness and a trot with a powerful hind leg and satisfactory scope.

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