Marrit de Vries Overall Winner Judging Competitions

October 8, 2020

In all five judging competitions of the past summer it was Marrit de Vries who came closest to the Jury’s assessment. An amazing feat considering that all assessments had to be done on the basis of video footage. Marrit took part in all five competitions, as did the three runners-up Marrisa Visser, H. van Dijk and Wiesje van der Woude.
The results of the hundreds of participants have been tallied up and placed in a diagram. For the overall score participants could miss one competition or cross out their worst score. The scores per competition were calculated firstly, by arriving at the same outcome as the Jury, and secondly, by assessment of the accompanying explanation.

International field of participants

It appeared that the Judging Competition was being followed by Friesian horse lovers from all over the world. At the top of the leader board we find several overseas participants, such as Nadeen Davis and Antonia Derksen.
Sincere congratulations to all participants on their scores and we’ll soon hear more from Marrit!

Line-up:NameScores 1st competitionScores 2nd competitionScores 3rd competitionScores 4th competitionScores 5th competitionTotal score
1Marrit de Vries22x93512
2Marissa Visser74x82316
3Nadeen Davisx157720
3H van Dijk45x1010120
4Grietsje Ensingx3610322
5Wiesje van der Woudex10648725
6Antonia Derksen10x710431
the highest scores are deleted if candidate took part in all competitions (or in case of missing one competition, this one is deleted )





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