Message from Luisa Gaitán, Colombia: ‘between manes and tails is where I feel happiest’

My love for horses goes beyond being a passion, my life with my horses is my only way of conceiving the world. Between manes and tails is where I feel happiest and fullest. It is in the embrace of one of my horses that I feel deep peace, and it is in their gaze that I experience the true meaning of loyalty and fidelity.

Diluo, is the dream of a girl who grew up among horses and whose happy place was anywhere in the world where the sound of horseshoes and the neighing of a horse filled the environment. Diluo is the product of the hard work of a woman as strong and resilient as the breed she loves, a woman who dreams to dedicate herself with heart and soul to exalt the name of Colombia through her love for horses. Diluo is the result of the hard work of a team committed to the positioning of a breed that in our country, has not had enough exposure.

Three years of traveling to Holland and training in different countries to convince me of the qualities of Friesian horses, to know each of their weaknesses and strengths, to fall in love with them madly and forever. Friesians became the second love of my life, the first is my family, with whom I share these irremediable love and passion.
Finding my ideal horse has been a long journey, I have met many breeds. From the Colombian ‘Paso Fino’ horse with which my love for these animals was born, with its dynamism and indomitable character, passing through the noble, balanced and always alert Purebred Spanish; even my very beloved quarter-mile, agile, intelligent and sociable. But with the Friesian I found the perfect combination between all these races that throughout my life I had enjoyed so much. They made me fall in love with their imposing presence, with that heart that only belongs to those who genuinely love them, with their versatility, their great talent, their unbeatable intelligence, their sociability and all the characteristics that those of us who have had the blessing of enjoying them know.

Crownmare Fleur van Visser

The trainings and valuable and unforgettable meetings with the representatives of the KFPS in the Netherlands, led me to draw up plans and objectives in the short, medium and long term. I knew that this love for Friesians could not be left in the mere contemplation of their great beauty and versatility. From the moment I met them, I wanted them to be appreciated, known and valued in my country as much or more than I did, so I set out to find the best specimens and the best genetics to share with my fellow countryman and woman and that was how, although it seemed like a titanic task, I managed to have my beloved Fleur sold to me, full of pride, I can say that in Central and South America there are only two Kroon Sport AA category Friesian mares and one of them is Fleur Van Visser Kroon Sport AA (Maurus 441), a mare that not only has all the characteristics to achieve her category in the KFPS tests, but with a sweetness and a docility combined with a strength, a resilience and a desire to work and surrender to her rider that make her absolutely unique. It was also the work of several months and different trips to Europe to find Zeeger T Fan ‘E Boppelannen (Tsjalle 454 x Gjalt 426 x Fabe 348) , my beloved Veulenboek Ster AAA Category stallion.

Sport and character

Zeeger is the only stallion in Colombia with breeding permission, a unique horse, so talented that he manages to impresses the most knowledgeable. On one of my trips I also met another great love: the young and very talented Ster Category mare, Zamke Fan Steendans Ster (Thorben 466), who today is establishing herself as one of the most sought-after mares in our breeding farm. Wolkje K.P. (Lukas 324 x Tsjerk 328) was acquired in Colombia, but it also has sporting and characteristics that make her unique. We are also the proud owners of Will, a uniquely beautifull. 2e Premie stallion that makes us prouder and prouder every day. Mijha de Criadero Diluo, came in her mother´s womb and was born in our farm 13 months ago and we are pretty sure she is going to be as talented as her mother, Fleur Van Visser. Also in her mother´s womb came to be born in Colombia Magha de Criadero Diluo, daughter of our great Zamke Fan Steendans.
From this corner of the planet I dream of delivering to Colombia and the world, the best Friesian horses with the highest quality standards and the best genetics. I dream of teaming up with all the owners of Friesians and lovers of this wonderful breed to accomplish the creation of an association that has the endorsement of the KFPS and thus have real support; have certified trainings to get more and more knowledge of the breed; have competitions jugged by KFPS judges; to achieve an association so closely linked to the KFPS that allows us to have trainings and skills that put us to be at the forefront of the best Friesian farms in the world; and to have all the specimens imported and born in our country in the look of all those who like us, love and value this breed.

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