Miranda v.d. Olde Mette Moate top of the leader board of breeding values mares


Miranda v.d. Olde Mette Moate is a well-known name sporting the top position on lists for mares based on breeding values. Now that the mares are, for the first time, ranked on the basis of the total index, just like stallions, her name still shines in first place. It even works in her favour that the total index also includes kinship in addition to exterior and movement. With Nammen 308 as her maternal sire and Peke 268 as her granddam´s sire, Miranda has a relatively low kinship percentage for a Beart 411 daughter.
In second place, after a significant climb, we find the success mare of the year 2019: Yersie C. (Photo). This winner of the Pavo Fryso Cup at the previous CI was declared Crown last year and completed the IBOP with a stunning 89 points. This result has substantially boosted the breeding values of this Hessel 480 daughter.
In spite of the fact that kinship is included in the total index, the influence of Beart 411 remains incredibly strong. Therefore the challenge in breeding is to give more chances to animals that do not have this super sire in their lineage.

In the total index, exterior and movement are weighed in with the ratio 40-60, in compliance with the KFPS breeding goal. For the breeding values of movement, the data from inspections (in-hand movement) and the aptitude tests (ABFP and IBOP) are weighed in jointly. They are no longer published separately, as used to be the practice. Kinship has been weighed into the total index in such a way, that selection based on the total index does not lead to an (extra) increase in kinship within the population.

The highest 1500 mares ranked in the total index can be downloaded here in excel

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