Mobility KFPS Inspection

In the KFPS Strategy Plan 2019-20124 we have pronounced the wish for a faster mobility within the KFPS Inspection body. Louise Hompe has indicated to resign her function of inspector as of 2020 but will remain available as a senior jury member. End 2020 Jaap Boersma will resign both his function of inspector and his membership of the KFPS Stallion Inspection Jury.

The Central Examination in the autumn of 2020 will mark his last active duty in this function. Jaap Boersma will not continue as a member of the Jury. These developments create opportunities for new talent. Hence, there will be two vacancies within the next eighteen months. The intention is to fill at least one of these two functions by next autumn. We seek to establish the right balance between experience and innovation by maximising the use of expertise from within the KFPS but also from outside.
Last year the decision was taken to expand KFPS staff by appointing a manager who shall be responsible for inspections and education. With this we aim to: 1) further professionalise the quality of inspections; 2) add management, monitoring and education of jury members to the tasks of the studbook office; 3) relieve the workload of the Inspection regarding inspection-related issues so that they can fully concentrate on the inspection of horses; 4) reduce the vulnerability of the organisation with regard to the most important activity of the Studbook: breeding. Furthermore, the development of inspection policy and its implementation will be kept separate. The departure earlier this year of the appointed official does absolutely not imply a deviation from the chosen course. Until a new person has been appointed, these tasks will fall under direct responsibility of Studbook Director Ids Hellinga. This ensures no delays will be incurred regarding further improvement of the quality of inspections in terms of uniformity, consistency and presentation.

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