At last! With the relaxation of Corona measures the light turns to green for the breeding days, the Central Inspection, and behind the scenes we’re already working on the Stallion inspection 2022 and Friesian Proms. In the next weeks, months we’re going to meet in person again and we’re all so much looking forward to that. Of course, online meetings are possible, communicating via paper too, but nothing can beat conversations from person to person. You can look each other in the eye, see the gestures, hear the intonation and that gives more weight and emotion to words and sentences.
So when you see any of us, Board members, Council members or office staff, then don’t hesitate to talk to us, ask questions or suggest ideas. Because transparent communication is a mutual process. We try to keep you updated as best we can about everything that’s happening and we’re keen to hear from you too what’s on your minds concerning the Friesian horse.

In the recommendations of the Governance Investigation published in the Phryso everyone can read that we should talk more with each other than about each other. This is very close to my heart and in fact, the most normal thing in the world. And there are more recommendations that you probably recognise to be part of normal and decent interactions.
Maybe the list with recommendations is something of an open door for many people. Privately, I do hope it is, because that implies that we’re on the same page here and can take our Studbook forward. After a time of unrest, shifts, investigations and sharing these recommendations we can spend more time and energy on our Friesian horses.
Fortunately, our ‘stable’ Friesian horse keeps going as usual, as it has done for decades, even hundreds of years. In spite of uproar, changing times or new demands; the Friesian horse weathers every storm. Our breed is more popular than ever before, most likely there will be a shortage and that is good news from a breeder’s perspective. We’re having the wind in our sails in various respects. The recognition by the WBFSH opens dressage doors, the Friesian showdriving horses are gearing up for great competitions and the number of Star mares keeps growing by the week.
Of course the season has been underway for some time, but with all the events that are coming up we’re sort of making a new start, together and in the outdoors. I cannot wait!

Detlef Elling
Interim Chairman

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