Nane 492 son scores 86 points in ABFP Test

The second ABFP Test of 2020 has produced a top score of 86 points, for Nane 492 son Fighter af Fynbo (photo taken at First Viewing). This 3-year-old Star stallion, bred by the Fynbo family from Denmark, showed off excellent use of the hind leg, especially in the in-harness work. The test brought more good news for Nane 492. Another son, Date B. FB Star completed the saddle test with 84 points. A third horse with 80 points in this ABFP Test was Eise 489 son Durk fan de Marren FB Star. In the inspection that followed afterwards, Delano de W.R. (Omer 493 x Folkert 353) was declared Star. No stallions were referred to the Central Inspection (via the Re-inspection).
Now that ABFP Tests are closed to the public due to Corona guidelines the assessments could be followed via a livestream on the KFPS website. Here the followers could see that Ylja A.d.V. (Hessel 480 x Doaitsen 420), the first mare taking part in the 2-week ABFP Test, scored 80 points for her saddle test. By now 19 horses have been entered for the next 2-week ABFP Test. With IBOP assessments having been cancelled as a result of Corona guidelines, the 2-week test is the alternative for the IBOP.

Photo: Johanna Faber

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