New beginnings

Spring is coming, the most beautiful time of the year. The first foals have been born, and they herald the beginning of a new generation. For me, there is also a new beginning in a new position within the KFPS. Having filled the vacancy of finance manager, I am taking leave of the financial tasks and can fully focus on studbook and testing matters, the core of our studbook. Together with the team, striving to improve and optimise services.
Where we also make a new start is in the accommodation of the studbook office. In Drachten, we have moved into a new office with the office team. It is a fresh start to the new year for which an enormous amount of work has been done. In all those years that we were on Oprijlaan, a lot of stuff was collected and it all needed a new place. While tidying up, you also get a glimpse into the studbook’s past, where interesting treasures are found that evoke fond memories. We also get help from the Fries Landbouwmuseum who give the valuable stuff a place it deserves.

After a wonderful Stallion Selection, there is time to look back at the past year and prepare for the coming season. Together with the sections, breeding council, inspection and board, we work towards the framework day. A framework day where all sections come together on the theme of a future-proof breeding and selection policy. Taking joint steps towards a more concrete policy. In the upcoming Phryso and regional meetings, we will also include you, the members, in this.

In the meantime, we are also working hard on the statutes, the foundation. These need an update and are being checked against the breeding regulation and association law. In particular, the breeding regulation provides important changes in services to breeders non-members that will be discussed in the upcoming regional meetings.
Meanwhile, the stallion information has been compiled and delivered separately to all members. With 100 pages of information and packed with figures and facts about the KFPS studbook stallions. You can use this data for this season’s stallion selections. In MijnKFPS, you can also retrieve all this data on the studbook stallions digitally in the stallion database and, via the ‘Advanced Search’ option, it is possible to select on all common breeding values. And of course, you can also ask the KFPS to compile a stallion selection for you, more on this later in this Phryso.

Nynke Bakker
Manager Studbook and Inspection Affairs

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