New breeding values KFPS stallions

Jehannes 484 KFPS Hengstenkeuring 2021 © DigiShots

The annual printout of breeding values was done last week. All KFPS stallions have received new breeding values based on all the available data right through to the First Viewing in early December.

Click here to download the excel sheet with all breeding values of KFPS stallions

The breeding values for exterior are based on the linear score data as they are recorded at the inspections. The breeding values for sport aptitude are calculated on the basis of the scores for in-hand walk and trot and the scores for walk, trot and canter from the ABFP- and IBOP Tests.

Total Index

Just like last year, we have computed a Total Index for the stallions. For this Total Index, exterior and sport aptitude are weighed in with the ratio 40:60. Kinship is also weighed in so that selection based on the Total Index does not lead to an increase in kinship. The ratio of weighing in kinship in relation to exterior/sport aptitude is 1:4. The overview also shows the changes in the Total Index compared to the year before. Naturally, most changes occur in the Total Index of those stallions who had their first offspring inspected or tested in the bygone year.

Updating of the new breeding values in MyKFPS will be done in the first week of January.



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