New champions in Poland

2-year old Feline fân Stal Bellefleur (Norbert 444) with owner Joanne Frycze (Phot:o: Wil Thijssen)

In the weekend of the 26th and 27th of October Jury members Wil Thijssen and Willem Sonnema carried out inspections on two locations in Poland. In Besiekierz nearly all foals were by two Foalbook stallions with a breeding license: Señor v. Harmke Star (Alwin 469) and Daen C. Star (Beart 411), a full brother of Meinte 490. Filly Karenina P. (Señor v. Harmke Star x Doaitsen 420), owned by Pawet Podolski, received a first premium. ‘An excellent foal, noble head, beautiful breeding type and well-built’, Thijssen commented, ‘she demonstrated a roomy and active walk and trot. This is a really prime example of a good-quality foal and very educational for the other breeders and spectators to see. The person who organised the inspection is Joanna Frycze, already into breeding for many years, and she could take home the Youngster Champion. 2-year-old Feline fân Stal Bellefleur (Norbert 444 x Felle 422) was bred by Stan Derksen and also received a first premium. ‘First-class,’ Thijssen declared, ‘She showed spring in her step in walk and lots of bend in the hock in trot. This 2-year-old became Day Champion.’

Transfer of knowledge

The Reserve Day Champion Title was for a gelding: Flores H. (Harmen 424 x Feitse 293), bred by former Jury member Jan Hendriks. He trotted to Star second premium with very good self-carriage. ‘This was a well-organised inspection,’ Thijssen stated, ‘A fine accommodation and they had an interpreter on site who translated everything. That is important with the eye on the transfer of knowledge. Because of the central location there were more horses at the inspection than in previous years. What caught the eye was that many horses fell short on movement, especially in trot. With good training this can probably be improved.’

Eleven IBOP Tests

With eleven participants there were quite a lot of IBOP Tests for the Jury members to judge. The best results were achieved by three proven Star stallions. Menthe Zanne Star (Reinder 452) was awarded 80 points for his under-saddle performance, in which he displayed lots of agility in movement. Niels Star (Beart 411) scored 78,5 points. Both stallions are the property of Ilona Denarska. Seiko van de Demro Stables Star (Thorben 466) completed the test with 77 points.

De Lagevoort Stables

There was a home inspection at Marzena Rudnik´s yard in Ostrzeszów. Colt foal Lexus R. (Tjebbe 500 x Tonis 393), owner Marzena Rudnik, received an orange rosette. ‘Pretty nice start of the inspection,’ Thijssen said, ‘This foal showed very good length of stride in walk and demonstrated to have talent for transitions in trot.’ Marzena Rudnik bought a few yearlings from Jan and Maria van Driel from Liessel. That was a wise move because two yearlings came away with a first premium. Goukje fan stal de Lagevoort (Jurre 495 x Uldrik 457) and Heike fan stal de Lagevoort (Omer 493 x Fetse 349) performed well across the board with attractive exteriors and roomy, powerful movement. The 3-year-old Cinderella v stal de Lagevoort (Bente 412 x Fetse 349), the older half sister of yearling Heike, was accepted in the Studbook as Star second premium. ‘Initially, this mare was very tense in walk but that gradually improved,’ Thijssen reports, ‘She showed a strong trot with lots of balance. In the Championship she even kept getting better whereas the yearlings disappointed a bit. Cinderella was declared Day Champion.’

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