New KFPS Studbook stallion Wiebert 527 stationed in South Africa

Wiebert 527 tijdens zijn goedkeuring in Zuid Afrika met zijn eigenaar Nic Pienaar van Stoeterij Adelprag, zijn amazone Chere Burger, Marlise Botes van het Zuid Afrikaanse stamboek en Piet Bergsma en Hergen van Hall van het KFPS.Wiebert 527 during his approval in South Africa with his owner Nic Pienaar of Stud farm Adelprag, his lady rider Chere Burger, Marlise Botes from the South African Studbook and Piet Bergsma and Hergen van Hall from the KFPS.

Wybren van Ass Star Sport Elite (Maiko 373 x Brandus 345) has successfully completed his Short Test in South Africa and consequently he has been promoted to KFPS Studbook stallion. He has been given the name Wiebert 527. This 15-year-old stallion from Stud farm Adelprag is the first who has reached this milestone in South Africa and ‘that makes the Friesian Horse Studbook in South Africa awfully proud’, FPSSA chairman Marlise Botes says.


‘Wiebert 527 is still pretty youthful, has excellent legwork and has proven his durability’, Head of the Stallion Inspection Committee Piet Bergsma justifies the approval. Three years ago Wiebert 527 had already applied for admission to the Short Test, but the Corona pandemic threw a spanner in the works because that made it impossible for the judges to travel to South Africa. This spring proceedings got back on track and after KFPS Inspector Jan Hellinx and Stallion Inspection member Ellen van Gastel had assessed the stallion, Wiebert 527 could embark on his two-week Short Test. On Wednesday the 4th of August Piet Bergsma and guest rider Hergen van Hall assessed and rode the 1.68m tall stallion another time. ‘He is a fine stallion to ride’, is Hergen van Hall’s experience. ‘His walk and canter are particularly good, and the stallion has fully mastered the piaffe, passage and flying changes.’

Wiebert 522 with the Adelprag-team

Bred in Germany, approved in South Africa

Wiebert 527 was bred by the Shaefer family in Germany and is owned by Stud farm Adelprag in South Africa, where the stallion will remain after his approval to serve breeding and produce offspring. The Grand Prix stallion, who is a carrier of the hydrocephaly gene, is ridden by Chere Burger and is a stable mate of Anders 451.

All you need to know about Wiebert 527 you can find in his stallion report

Click here for the stallion report of Wiebert 527


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