New Model mare as well as Champion in Denmark: Tinne (Tsjalle 454)

Modelmerrie Tinne van der Bist Model AA (Tsjalle 454) met links eigenaar Hessel Jan Oosterhof, Marieke Okkema en rechts Ymte Okkema en de voorbrenger van Stal de Mersken.

At the inspection in Denmark on Saturday June the 17th Tinne van de Bist Model AA (Tsjalle 454 x Haitse 425) received the Model declaration and became Breeding Day champion too. This mare was bred by Louis van Olmen from Ranst, Belgium, and is owned by Hessel Jan Oosterhof in Suldrup. Jury members Manuel Gasseling, Willem Sonnema and Marissa Visser awarded a Star to four other horses and colt foal Zephyr Corell (Nane 492 x Uldrik 457) earned himself an orange rosette.

From Belgium to Denmark

At the age of two the now 9-year-old Tinne moved from Belgium to Denmark and so far she has given birth to four foals in her new home country. As a 3-year-old she received a first premium in Denmark and in 2019 she became Crown. She thanks her AA status to her IBOP driving test in 2019 with a score of 80.5. Tinne is the third Model mare in his yard for owner Hessel Jan Oosterhof from Stutteri Hyllested Østergaard. Tinne finds herself in good company: there are the 19-year-old Odilia fan ‘e Suurdreed Model Preferent AA (Wierd 409 x Oltman 317) and her daughter 13-year-old Hadewich Hyllested Ostergaard Model Sport A (Bente 412 x Wierd 409), who is also the dam of Yme 507 who unfortunately died too young.

Two mares Star, Mercedes Reserve Champion

And there was more good news at the inspection. In the 3-year-olds there was a Star second premium as well the Reserve Title for Mercedes af Fynbo (Nane 492 x Wylster 463), owned by Helle Fynbo. Mercedes is a daughter of Zensay af Fynbo Crown AA (Wylster 463 x Stendert 447) from mare line 38 that has also produced KFPS Studbook stallion Foeke 520.
In the category 4-year-old and older Studbook mares Monica Rasmussen’s 5-year-old Ida fan Marijke Star AA (Nane 492 x Beart 411) received a Star with a second premium. Ida is a daughter of Marijke af Stasevang Model Sport Performance AA (Beart 411 x Anton 343) who can now welcome her third Star offspring.

Two stallions Star

In the stallion category the Jury members could also welcome two more Star stallions: the 6-year-old Esteban af Fyhn Star (Epke 474 x Ymte 407), bred by Susanne Fyhn and in ownership of Lotte Jensen. And Max from Stal Pauwels Star (Wimer 461 x Thorben 466), bred by Kris Pauwels and owned by Helle Fynbo. Via a Star mare by Thorben 466 and a Model Preferent AA mare by Onne 379 the 3-year-old Max is a great-grandson of Annigje fan Bokkum Model Preferent Performance Sport Elite AAA (Ulke 338), a mare who can boast a maximum of awarded predicates.




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