New Model mare in America: Vlinder van WoppieWoppie (Jerke 434)

Links kampioen en Modelmerrie Vlinder van Woppiewoppie (Jerke 434), rechts reserve algeheel kampioen Abe D. fan Sumar Ster (Jehannes 484)


October 15, 2022
On the left Champion and Model mare Vlinder van Woppiewoppie (Jerke 434), on the right Reserve Overall Champion Abe D. fan Sumar Star (Jehannes 484)

At the inspection in New England in America, judges Wil Thijssen and Frans Smits promoted the 8-year-old Vlinder van WoppieWoppie Model AA (Jerke 434 x Folkert 353) to Model as well as Breeding Day Champion. The Reserve Overall Title was for the Champion in the gelding category: Abe D. fan Sumar Star (Jehannes 484 x Sape 381) received a Star with a first premium.
Vlinder was bred by the Hommers family in Milheeze and is owned by Justin and Danielle Piascik from Brookside Friesians. She already had an IBOP score of 75 points to her name and ahead of the inspection upgraded this to a 78 score, with a 7.5 for walk, trot and transitions, which secured her not only the Model predicate but also an AA suffix. Lined up as Reserve Champion of the mares was the well-kept 18-year-old Model mare Mira-Viktoria vom Lindenbaum Model Sport AA (Tsjalke 397 x Feitse 293).


Seven Stars

In the category 4-year-old and older mares there was a showering of Stars. In the Foalbook class there was a Star second premium for the 9-year-old Rhylee B. Star (Tsjalke 397 x Feitse 293), the 6-year-old Bea Hanna K. Star (Wytse 462 x Jisse 433), bred by the Kruis family in Heeg, the 5-year-old Dryske fan Winn Star (Norbert 444 x Lolke 371) and Geertje from MF Star (Hessel 480 x Sipke 450).
Out of the four 3-year-olds, two mares were accepted in the Studbook with a Star second premium. Jannie of Sea Chanty Farm Star (Teade 392 x Ulbert 390) and Juliaantje of Sea Chanty Farm Star (Alwin 469 x Maeije 440) were both bred by Susan Gear-Porter and are owned by Daniel & Tomothy Dali. Juliaantje is a daughter of Gabrielle van Tilborg’s breeding product Extra Mooi fan Dulve Star Sport AA.
In the category 4-year-old and older Studbook mares there was a Star second premium for strong walker Icebell G. van de Sprong Star (Eise 489 x Beart 411). Icebell was bred by Anita van Kempen and is now owned by Rebecca Wildstein.

Two Star geldings with a first premium

In the group of ten Foalbook geldings there was apart from Abe – bred by Durk Deelstra in Jubbega – also a Star with a first premium for Dries van de Raak (Hette 481 x Sjerp 446) and a Star second premium for Wytse of Sea Chanty Farm Star (Bente 412 x Jasper 366) and Guillermo Star (Teade 392 x Anne 340).


Two AAA scores materialised in the strong field of IBOP participants. Zhob van de Waterhoeve Star (Beart 411 x Teunis 332) scored 83.5 points with an 8 for impulsion, suppleness and canter. At the inspection the gelding earned a Star with a second premium. The 15-year-old Zhob was bred by the Gerritsen family in Oosterhout and is in ownership of Pattaconk Farm. The same breeder also travelled home with the second horse that won a triple A predicate: Arwyn fan it Waad Star Sport Elite (Doaitsen 420 x Ulbert 390). The 14-year-old Arwyn, a breeding product by Theo Bruggeling, accumulated 84.5 points with an 8 for impulsion, walk and trot. Arwyn acquired his Sport Elite predicate in the Netherlands with Susan Wind, who steered him to Sport in three disciplines and particularly impressed with Arwyn in driven work.

One first-premium colt foal

Out of eight foals seven were given a second premium, one was decorated with the orange sash: T’Quinten van Brookside (Auwert 514 x Omer 493) who was bred by owners Justin and Danielle Piascik out of Star AA mare Fenna van de Gracht.
First premiums too for yearling stallion Steppenwolf of Sea Charity Farm (Tiede 501 x Wierd 409) and yearling mare Sarah of Sea Chanty Farm (Matthys 504 x Ulbert 390), owned by successful breeder Susan Gear-Porter.

Sjouke 453 and Wolfert 467

The 17-year-old Sjouke 453 and 15-year-old Wolfert 467 KFPS Studbook stallions treated Jury members Wil Thijssen and Frans Smits to a fine presentation. Considering all these fine results, the judges can look back on a really good inspection day.

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