New website, MyKFPS, live on the air again early next week

MyKFPS on the website will most likely be back in the air again on Monday 27th or Tuesday 28th of February. Not all functions will be instantly functional, but bit by bit everything will become online available over the next few weeks. We aim to prioritise the search functions for horse data and the inbreeding- and kinship calculations.

New website

Restoration of MyKFPS also means renewal, for instance in terms of presentation and user-friendliness. Refurbishment of the website was already on the agenda for this spring/summer, but the implementation will now be speeded up. Members will then be encouraged to login with their email address. Those members whose email address is unknown to the KFPS will be informed of the new situation by post. The KFPS is all too aware that the timing of this malfunction is very unfortunate and apologises for the inconvenience. Together with the IT specialists we are working hard to solve this issue.

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