No Central Mare Inspection

This week , the KFPS board decided that the Central Mare Inspection 2020 in the Netherlands will not take place. Although the government has not given any clarity about what the Covid-19 measures will look like with regard to events after 1th of  September, it is plausible that the 1.5 meter situation will remain in effect. Under this circumstance, it is not possible to organize a Central Mare inspection with public. A Central Mare Inspection without an audience is not an option.
With this decision already taken, the studbook wants to influence clarity towards the breeders, when they prepare the horses for the inspection. In addition, it is also prevented that breeders incur unnecessary costs, in case we should be canceled at a later date.
The failure of the Central Mare Inspections means that the horses that receive a first premium during the inspections (on location) can promote to (provisionally) Crown or Model on the same day.

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