No Friesian Proms, but a Jubilee show

De Stormruiter (Foto: Ruben van Vliet)

The show programme prior to the Stallion Inspection 2024 will be a JUBILEE SHOW organised by the KFPS in cooperation with Stichting Faderpaard. In this show programme the Friesian horse will play the most prominent role.

Jubilee period from 145 to 150 years

In 2024 the KFPS celebrates its 145th anniversary, with five years later in 2029 its 150th jubilee. So we are moving towards a wonderful jubilee period, reason for the KFPS to share the longstanding history of the KFPS with all fans and lovers of the Friesian horse. This is going to take shape in the form of a theatre production, which at the same time heralds a farewell to the annual FRIESIAN PROMS. From 2015 onwards the show programme was in the format of a PROMS Concert, called FRIESIAN PROMS, produced by the KFPS in conjunction with SCORPIO. A series that all parties look back on with great satisfaction.

Team of the ‘Storm Rider’

The KFPS Board has appealed to Stichting Faderpaard, producer of for instance the ‘Storm Rider’, to help bring this wish to fruition. Stichting Faderpaard has reacted to this assignment with enthusiasm and has agreed to embrace the production of these theatre shows in the upcoming years, together with the Team of the ‘Storm Rider’ (artistic advisor Jos Thie and director Margus Spekkers).

Press presentation at the CI

Preparations are already in full swing and on Friday the 15th of September next, during the Central Inspection of the KFPS in Harich, there will be a press presentation to give a hint of what’s in store.


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