Nomination to complement KFPS Board, Member Council chooses new Chairman

At the extra KFPS Meeting of the Member Council on Friday evening the 20th of October, the Member Council have chosen Murk de Jong as their new Chairman, with Jan-Hein Stadhouders as Vice-Chairman. Frank Fokkens has been nominated as new Board member, KFPS ambassadors Detlef Elling and Jan Raaijmakers will initially strengthen the Board in the capacity of advisors.

Chairman and Vice-Chairman Member Council

This Meeting of the Member Council is a continuation of the Special Meeting of the Member Council from October the 6th. On nomination of the KFPS Confidential Committee, who have engaged in many talks over the past few weeks, the Member Council have chosen from their midst Murk de Jong as their Chairman and Jan-Hein Stadhouders as their Vice-Chairman. ‘It is my goal to create a united and well-functioning Member Council’, says the brand-new Chairman who stressed the importance of good communication. ‘Based on respectful and purposeful interaction with each other. Today we took the first steps towards achieving that and I’m keen to guide that process.’

Nomination complementation of the Board

The meeting has come forward with a nomination for complementation of the Board, of which currently Miel Janssen is the only member. With a large majority the Member Council have chosen Frank Fokkens to take a seat on the Board. This appointment is subject to advice from the Integrity Committee regarding the appointment. Frank Fokkens described the atmosphere during the meeting as positively critical with a rising line in terms of togetherness. ‘Some issues met with critical notes, the principal feeling was that we are faced with the necessity to look forward to a new phase with more connection and communication. There is a lot that remains to be managed.’ The mainspring is a better future for the Friesian horse, is how he formulated the common goal. ‘I commit myself to bringing peace and quiet to the organisation and the Board. We are a Royal Society. I hope that together we will succeed in underwriting that Royal aspect.’

Temporary Board functions KFPS ambassadors

On nomination of the Confidential Committee the KFPS ambassadors Detlef Elling and Jan Raaijmakers are going to strengthen the Board, initially however in the capacity of advisors. By way of a temporary appointment the Confidential Committee seeks to make use of these gentlemen’s recent management knowledge and experience for the benefit of the Society and in doing so to facilitate transfer of knowledge to new potential Board members. The temporary appointment of a Board member requires an amendment of Statutes in order to provide dispensation to allow them to re-join the Board within four years after their discharge. The Member Council have agreed to put this amendment of Statutes on the agenda for the Autumn Meeting of the Member Council on the 24th of November next. The ultimate goal is to complement the constellation of the Board to a total of five people. Procedures for a fifth Board member have been underway for some time and can be completed and possibly result in a nomination in the upcoming weeks. Division of tasks will fall to the Board.

Mastenbroek investigation as basis

In addition to elections and nominations, Board member Miel Janssen specifically referred to the Recommendations of the Mastenbroek Report and to use these as an important basis for working on improvements within the Studbook. He also invited the Member Council to take action and to show their commitment to carry this through. ‘So that constructive feedback and respect will form the basis for upcoming meetings. The time is ripe for it now.’

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