Nominations Inspection and Jury


The KFPS Board has recently nominated several new people for the Inspection and the Exterior Jury. These nominations will be put to the Member Council at the next meeting. Nominated for the Inspection body are Jan Hellinx and Corrie Terpstra. With his Belgian nationality, Jan Hellinx is the first KFPS inspector of non-Dutch origin. He has been part of the KFPS Jury body since 2000 and was also tasked with linear scoring. Jan Hellinx has been a prospective candidate for the Inspection for some time already. Corrie Terpstra has been a judge for the KFPS since 1996. She too is one of the Jury members in charge of linear scoring.

The nominations of Corrie Terpstra and Jan Hellinx will fill the upcoming vacancies after the departure of Louise Hompe and Jaap Boersma in 2020. After the next Stallion Inspection Louise Hompe will resign from the Inspection but she will stay involved with the KFPS as a Jury member. Jaap Boersma is scheduled to end his activities as an Inspector after next year´s Central Examination.

Nominated fort the Exterior Jury are Manuel Gasseling, Wieneke Blom and Peter de Meulmeester. All three new Jury members have successfully completed the three-year internal training programme.

Ester Reen, who has been on the KFPS Jury body since 2006, has been transferred to the Performance Jury where she will be put in charge of judging the IBOP showdriving tests. In this capacity she will take over from Haike van der Meulen who stopped last summer.

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