Nominees for Horse of the Year 2021

Voting can take place until 31 December. The public Jury and expert Jury combined decide who wins the title. Announcement of Horse of the Year 2021 takes place on Saturday the 15th of January during the online Stallion Inspection 2022.

Jurre 495 Sport AAA

Breeder: Hendrik Deinum
Owner: Stal Chardon and Hans-Jurgen Niemeyer

The four-time champion of the Stallion Inspection will be the first to many people’s minds for the title Horse of the Year 2021. Jurre 495 Sport AAA, the ten-year-old son of Maurits 437 out of the Ster Preferente Teatske L. (Jasper 366) was bred by Hendrik Deinum and already delivered a feat in early 2021 by claiming the championship ribbon for the fourth time. So the year started well for the stallion from Stal Chardon and Hans-Jurgen Niemeyer. And it only got better, because he has already produced two Crown mares, his Star percentage is 60%, he has a AAA offspring and – above all – he delivered the champion of the Central Inspection: the three-year-old Ilya fan Jentsje’s Pleats. Before his sons claim their role in the spotlight, it is now the time for Jurre 495 to also win this title in the slipstream of his success. Or would he also make it as exciting as at the Stallion Inspection?

Jurre 495
KFPS Hengstenkeuring 2021
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Renske Carmen f.d. Visscherwei Model Sport Elite

Breeder/owner: Elvera Scholten

She won the Xerxina trophy this year, became a Model last year, is now a Sport Elite thanks to her performances in the Small Tour dressage and she also gave birth to her second foal – by Wibout 511 – last year. Eight-year-old Carmen f.d. Visscherwei (Tsjalke 397 x Olof 315) is the epitome of a successful combination between sport and breeding. Thanks to her breeder and owner Elvera Scholten who gives the mare every chance.
In 2019 Renske Carmen and Isabelle Vroomans won the Pavo Fryso dressage cup with the 5- and 6-year-old mares, while she had recently had her first foal: a filly by Mees 497. That year she also won the European title. , with which she was the boss of many a stallion. It was already clear that Renske Carmen stands her ground. Before her winning streak in the dressage ring, she was forced to take 11 months of box rest due to a tendon injury. Hennie Roffel rides Renske Carmen in the Small Tour where they have an upward trend to 65% and higher. We are all looking forward to more great years with this powerhouse.

Tizian of Ass Star Sport Elite

Breeder: Annelie Schaefer
Owner: Linda Anell and Kristoffer Johansson

It really didn’t matter if Tizian van Ass Ster Sport Elite (Epke 494 x Brandus 345) had been part of the Dutch selection for the World Championships for young dressage horses. With Bennie van Es, this very talented stallion was very close to a clue. The fact that he came so close makes all lovers of the Friesian horses proud. As a member of the WBFSH, competitions at international dressage level are open to Friesian horses and the only seven-year-old Tizian immediately shows that the Friesian horses participate seriously. It is a nice boost for the owners of Tizian, Linda Anell and Kristoffer Johansson from Sweden, and especially his breeder Annelie Schaefer, who has been breeding her Friesian horses for years in sport. Meanwhile, Bennie and Tizian are driving scores above 70% in the Small Tour, and they end up in the top of the classifications. A nomination for Horse of the Year 2021 is therefore well deserved.

Bennie van Es – Tizian fan Ass
Selectie WK Jonge Dressuurpaarden 2021
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Boukje C. Studbook Preferent

Breeder/owner: Gert Cent

Would there be a mother horse in addition to a fader horse? If so, then this Boukje C. is perfect for you. The 21-year-old mare is enjoying her well-deserved rest with her breeder Gert Cent in Netterden, but she has an enormous track record. Boukje C. Studbook Preferent (Anton 343 x Jelmer 297) has produced no fewer than 17 foals. “Enough is enough,” says her breeder, who praises her fertility. “She became pregnant every year, usually even after one insemination.” An example in durability, fertility and health. “In all those years she has never had a problem,” says Gert, who once took the mare to an inspection. “That was not good timing, she had a foal at the foot.” Boukje remained studbook. “Even without Star I have always believed in her.” Rightly so. She became Preferent on her first four offspring and Kroonjuweel on her first nine offspring. She is the dam of Meinte 490 Sport Elite AA and Vroukje C Kroon AAA (Norbert 444). A great achievement, in the lee, but now in the spotlight for the Horse of the Year 2021 election.

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