Obbe fan ‘e Lange Ekers will enter the CO

Obbe fan 'e Lange Ekers Ster (Teun 505 x Hessel 480) Foto: Karin Sevink

The three-year-old Obbe fan ‘e Lange Ekers Ster (Teun 505 x Hessel 480) will enter the Central Examination on Friday, September 15. This brings the number of stallions in Exloo to 20, with two more stallions – soon Otte Z. Ster and after the saddle exam Hidde fan Dulve Ster – coming in, Grand Prix stallion Jeroen Poll may report for the Shortened Examination in the last two weeks. .

Additional radiological examination

Despite his appointment, Obbe’s stay had to wait a while after the third day of preparation due to the results of the reassessment. During the preliminary stages of the stallion selection, Obbe had received a note that an additional radiological examination had to be submitted by him. A reassessment has been requested based on this assessment, which has been carried out abroad. The result of this made the HKC decide to admit the stallion. This stallion will make his debut in Exloo on Friday, September 15. Because this stallion entered later, he will also have to take the exam at a later time, if that happens.

A regular blog

The ins and outs of the Central Investigation will be regularly highlighted in a blog. The preparation focuses on the saddle exam on Saturday, October 14, a first important measuring point on the way to becoming a KFPS studbook stallion.

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