Patricia Salminen (14) from Finland rides home-bred Crown mare to Sport certificate

April 21, 2022

In Finland, Patricia Salminen reaps lots of successes with her own Friesian mare Jebina van Vitikkala Crown Sport AA (Maurus 441 x Olof 315). Mid April this young lady rider rode her 11-year-old Crown mare to the Sport predicate. Out of five competitions she scored five times over 60%. ‘Patricia has schooled Jebina to this level all by herself’, reports her proud father Juhani. ‘She started when she was ten years old, now she’s fourteen and has earned the Sport predicate.

In their very early years: Patricia Salminen with Jebina from Vitikkala (Maurus 441).

Crown and Sport mare Jebina

Patricia has had a very strong connection with Friesian horses right from when she was little.
In 2019, when there was an inspection in Finland, Patricia had their home-bred Jebina van Vitikkala Crown Sport AA (Maurus 441 x Olof 315) in training. The mare received a first premium and became Breeding Day Champion. Jebina is a daughter of Star mare Nelleke fan Hylpen, whose granddam is the Star Preferent Inngrid (Tsjalling 235), who also features in Eise 489’s dam line.

Patricia also has a Friesian gelding under saddle: Oeds V. Star (Leffert 306). Last year the then 13-year-old Patricia won a Bronze medal with her 18-year-old gelding at the Northern Baltic Championships, the FEI NBCH. ‘She was the only rider with a Friesian horse at this international competition’, her father Juhani says.

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