Pavo Fryso Denmark: Comet Ellemose (Alke 468) through to semi-final

Comet Ellemose Ster Sport (Alke 468 x Thomas 327) met Solveig Bruun Folkmann en KFPS-bestuurster Ella Wiersma.

August 19, 2022
Comet Ellemose Star Sport (Alke 468 x Thomas 327) with Solveig Bruun Folkmann and KFPS Board member Ella Wiersma.
The Pavo Fryso selection round in Denmark on Friday the 19th of August resulted in an invitation for Comet Ellemose Star Sport (Alke 468 x Thomas 327) to the semi-final in the category 6-year-old stallions and geldings at the Central Inspection.

Light-footed and much expression

Comet and his lady rider Solveig Bruun Folkmann achieved a score of 72 points. ‘A stallion with a lot of expression, very light-footed in trot and with good use of the hind leg’, said Head of Jury Sabien Zwaga, who assessed the horses together with Ester Reen, Dik Brummel and Frans Smits at the fine Helgstrand accommodation. Comet demonstrated his good capacity for collection in canter and the tempi changes came easy to him.
In the stallion category the 2nd place was for Baint fan é Lange Ekers Star AA (Jasper 366 x Brandus 345) with 64.5 points. With Marie Rytter Jensen in the saddle, Baint gave a very neat presentation showing a very good, roomy walk. The stallion needs to develop more self-carriage in trot and a more uphill frame in canter.

Best mare: Eatske van Coudenburgh

In the mare category there were three 5-year-olds in the ring, with Eatske van Coudenburgh Star (Alwin 469 x Tsjalke 397) winning the highest score, a total of 60 points. Unluckily though this was not enough for an invitation to the semi-final, but it was a solid presentation. She displayed regularity in a correct walk but needs to move slightly more through the body in trot.

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