Phenomenon Yersie C. (Hessel 480) achieves third Triple A suffix with 93 points for IBOP Showdriving Test

Yersie C. Crown Sport AAA (Hessel 480 x Beart 411) achieved a magical AAA score with 93 points for her showdriving test on Thursday the 24th of February. After a fine Driving Test of 82 points Fjitse Mjitske P. (Beart 411 x Tsjerk 328) was awarded the Crown predicate and Indy C van de Wijdewormer Star (Omer 493 x Dries 421) performed the best Saddle Test with 84.5 points, which was also good for the AAA predicate.

Triple Triple A

History was written in Wergea. With 89 points for her under-saddle IBOP, 89 points for her driving IBOP (two months ago), only one disciplined remained for Yersie C. to score a Triple A. With Udo de Haan on the reins this Crown Sport mare rode to an incredible 93 points in her Showdriving Test on Thursday the 24th of February. Her Triple Triple A score is a unique accomplishment within the Studbook.
For Jury members Corrie Rave and Hergen van Hall it was pure delight. ‘I’m sure it must be a great pleasure to present a horse in such style, for us it’s a delight to watch.’ For her somewhat overeager walk Yersie received a 7, but on the other elements she convincingly and easily scored marks between 8 and 9. Her fine forward reach in trot was awarded a 9, as well as her posture & balance.

Yersie’s half brother also AAA

The merely 7-year-old Yersie was bred by Breeder of the Year 2021 Gert Cent and her owner is Yvette Pen from Heelweg. For Yvette the IBOP was off to a successful start. Yersie’s half brother Hardy fan ‘e lytse Generael (Jehannes 484 x Beart 411) already rode to a total of 82 points, also an AAA score. With lots of dash, Corina van den Bunt steered the Champion of the Friesian Talent Cup to an 8 for trot, balance and impulsion. This fine score resulted in the Performance predicate for Hardy’s dam Uwkje C Star Sport (Beart 411 x Wicher 334).

Crown for Fjitse Mjitske P.

But there were more horses that turned this into a memorable day. With Jelmer Chardon in the driver’s seat Fjitse Mjitske P. (Beart 411 x Tsjerk 328) achieved 82 points in her Driving Test and that made her Permanent Crown. This mare, bred by Jan Peeters, earned an 8 for canter and impulsion. Fenna D.B (Hessel 480 x Fetse 349) also achieved upgrading. The 5-year-old mare became Permanent Star after her IBOP of 69.5 with Lisanne Veenje in the saddle.

Wende van de Zunne Crown AA (Alwin 469 x Beart 411), who is mainly known for her great feats in showdriving, totted up fine scores too. During the recent Stallion Inspection she won the Horses2fly Sport Competition Showdriving for mares. With Henk Hammers holding the reins she scored 81 points in the Driving Test – and an 8.5 for her wonderful trot. In 2020 she achieved a 79 score for her IBOP Showdriving Test.

Ingeborg Klooster rode Indy C van de Wijdewormer Star (Omer 493 x Dries 421) to her AAA predicate with 84.5 points and an 8.5 for trot. The 4-year-old Ilja van de Anervaart (Mees 497 x Beart 411) still is a Foalbook mare, but she already put an IBOP 79.5 score to her name with Annemieke Straaijer. The same score was accomplished by Hessel V. fan de Miedwei (Jouwe 485 x Doaitsen 420) in the Driving Test with Age Okkema.

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