Pilot stallion selection: no assessment in the cage during Stallion Inspection

By way of a pilot, the Second Viewing (assessment in the cage) at the upcoming Stallion Inspection in January 2020 will be cancelled. This means that all stallions selected during the First Viewing on the Thursday of the SI in Leeuwarden will be inspected in-hand. On the basis of the findings the decision will be made whether or not this change will be made permanent and lead to an amendment in the Regulations.

The underlying aim is to select a larger number of stallions for the instruction days prior to the Central Examination. That way the instruction days will carry more weight in terms of a selection moment. The aim is not to allow more stallions to take part in the CE but to improve the selection process. Starting point here is that for the CE selection, assessment under saddle provides better and more accurate information than assessment under non-weightbearing circumstances (in-hand or free movement). In addition to the three instructions days under saddle, this pilot includes the option of an in-harness presentation of the selected stallions to the Jury.

The pilot seamlessly fits into the view as stated in the KFPS Strategy 2019-2020, to select more directly on breeding goal characteristics conform the breeding programme. There will be less focus on selection based on in-hand movement and in the cage, but more in favour of the aptitude as under-saddle or in-harness utility horse.

In the past few months all stadia of the stallion selection process have been investigated. Various bodies from within the KFPS were involved in this process, as well as a few of the largest entrants of young stallions during the First Viewing (stallion keepers). Part result of this process is the, already approved by the Member Council, motion to change the date for meeting the requirements for semen quality of stallions from early January to May 15th.

As a result of this pilot the Friday programme at the upcoming Stallion Inspection will be slightly changed. More information will follow shortly.

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