Plenty reactions to survey about low-kinship mares

The KFPS survey directed at breeders with a low-kinship mare yielded lots of response. On the part of the breeders, commitment is huge to join in the talks on possibilities that stimulate low-kinship breeding and consequently also boost the health of the Friesian horse. At the KFPS regional meetings in May we are going to exchange thoughts about this topic with the members.

Survey for 1000 members

Roughly 1000 KFPS members received this online survey at the end of April. These members (about 600 in the Netherlands and 400 in foreign countries) own one or several low-kinship mares, more precisely mares with a kinship of 16.9% or lower. The average kinship of Friesian horses is 17.8%. In this survey the breeders are asked if they use this mare (these mares) for breeding, whether low-kinship plays a role in their stallion choices and what kind of help the KFPS could offer in breeding.

Health on 1

Last year the members of the KFPS put health in place one in the breeding goal of the Friesian horse. That means the focus shifts more towards low-kinship breeding and in doing so also contributes to a better health. In a closed breeding programme such as of the Friesian breed, variation in bloodlines is important.

KFPS regional meetings

In the upcoming weeks the KFPS regional meetings will take place and the Breeding Council put breeding for health firmly on the agenda to exchange thoughts with the members on this topic. The survey about breeding with low-kinship mares is aimed at deciding on a strategy for a healthy Friesian horse in joint consultation with the breeders.

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