Pregnancies and a Performance predicate thanks to a successful change of routine

Wiepkje Ster (Beart 411 x Oege 267) Foto: Adrian Meindersma

Swapping often leads to regret, as we all know. For Wendy van der Veen and Herman Matthijssen a change of routine worked wonderfully well.

IBOP result makes dam Performance

Wendy’s 14-year-old mare Wiepkje Star (Beart 411 x Oege 267) completed an IBOP Driving Test on October the 21st. The durable Wiepkje earned herself 77.5 points and with that the AA predicate. This score won her dam Wiepkje the Performance predicate. This fine result is above all a good example of out-of-the-box thinking, Wendy explains. ‘Wiepkje came to my yard thanks to a partnership with Herman Matthijssen.’

Wiepkje and Wytske

Wiepkje was bred by Otte Leijendekker and a few years ago was bought by Herman Matthijssen, a friend of Wendy’s. Herman’s intention was to ride the mare to the Sport predicate under saddle so that her dam Welmoed (pedigree 25) Model, double Preferent (Oege 267 x Hearke 254) would also (posthumously) receive the Performance predicate.
Since this spring however, Wendy had a mare in the yard that was difficult to get in foal. Herman was willing to try ICSI to get this Wytske van de Olde Mette Moate in foal, Wendy says. ‘So that’s how we got the idea to swap.’ The result being that Wiepkje has completed a fine IBOP, Welmoed has become Performance and meanwhile Herman has the first embryos by Uldrik 457 and Wytske in the pipeline. ‘This change of routine proved very successful and has turned into a great solution. For next year I’m hoping to catch a fine Omer 493 foal out of Wiepkje’, says a pleased Wendy.



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