Bastiaan 510: approved stallion in Australia

After a successful completion of the Short Test the 11-year-old Braggo S. Star Sport (Jisse 433 x Tsjerk 328) was approved and registered in Australia as Bastiaan 510. ‘Braggo S. has a good model with stallion expression. Under saddle he presents an agreeable image. The correct walk displays more than satisfactory length of stride and use of the body. The stallion is good to ride. In trot he demonstrates suppleness but the hind leg should become a bit sharper. The correct canter shows good strides with more than satisfactory self-carriage. In canter Braggo S. makes an attractive picture. On the basis of these data as well as his good exterior, good lineage and positive character assessment the Stallion Committee has decided to advise the Board to approve stallion Braggo S. for stud services. This is a first for foreign countries and a boost for breeding in Australia. Braggo S. will be registered under the name of Bastiaan 510.’


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