Quincy H.: always strong movement

Crown jewel Quincy H. Star Preferent Performance (Olof 315) is 23 years old but still in prime condition. She´s pregnant with her 17th foal, this time by Tiede 501. Minne Schiphof from Berltsum thanks all his success in breeding to Quincy.

Fantastic movement

Minne Schiphof had heard it on the grapevine that two good mares were for sale
in Hoogkamp and he went over to take a look: ‘Gerbrig and Quincy both had a foal at their side. The Heinse mare came over to me in the field but Quincy did a runner. She had fantastic movement, that was clear for everyone to see and her filly foal was absolutely gorgeous. So I chose Quincy.’ The filly foal was Wobkje (Onne 376) who received a first premium at the inspection and became Reserve Youngster Champion in Blauwhuis as a 2-year-old. The now 13-year-old Wobkje still lives here together with her dam at my yard in Berltsum. Her first four offspring became Star, with the eldest daughter Mena fan Berltsum (Harmen 424) even progressing to Crown. In 2015 Mena was Champion 3-year-old mares in Blauwhuis.

Grand Prix stallion Doeke

So far Quincy has given birth to nine foals in Schiphof´s yard, six of them becoming Star. Schiphof´s first stallion choice for Quincy was Loadewyk 431, which resulted in Berber S. Three times in the course of her inspection career Star mare Berber received a first premium. Rider Janine Poelstra competes the mare in Z dressage, which has resulted in the Sport predicate for Berber. Later, the foals that were born in Schiphof´s yard started to get the suffix ‘Fan Berltsum’. In 2017, after scoring 80,5 and 79 points in ABFP tests, Bartele 472 daughter Tialda fan Berltsum was declared permanent Crown. Via Willem Lokhorst the mare was sold to France where she wrote the Day Championship in Villeneuve to her name in 2018. Belgian rider Patricia Mannaerts is the owner of Doeke fan Berltsum Star Sport Elite (Olgert 445) and competes the stallion in Grand Prix. Mannaerts is hugely enthusiastic about the excellent movement of the horses from the Fan Berltsum stud and has purchased another stallion who can potentially succeed 11-year-old Doeke: Tanco fan Berltsum Star (Epke 474), a Wobkje son.

Great condition

Minne Schiphof: ‘I have used many different stallions on Quincy and she has always passed her movement down to her sons and daughters.’ Famke fan Berltsum (Markus 491) turns three this year and is scheduled to go to the inspection. The 2-year-old Iris fan Berltsum (Alwin 469) will follow next year. ‘Iris was a late foal. After her I had Quincy inseminated again but she didn´t catch. Last year April she caught the very first time, that was by Tiede 501. Quincy is still in prime condition in spite of her 23 years but apart from a few grey hairs her age doesn´t show. She´s happy and her back still looks very beautiful considering her age. After the birth of her foal I´ll consult with the vet if it is an option to have her inseminated again. If the vet advises against it then she can enjoy her retirement here. Quincy has given me everything in breeding and she´ll never leave.’

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