Ranking breeding values mares with Miranda, Yersie and Sanne in front

Nynke Schrade - Sanne TT KFPS Hengstencompetitie 2022 © Digishots

February 22, 2022
Nynke Schrade – Sanne TT KFPS Stallion Competition 2022 © Digishots

The ranking list for breeding values mares has three leaders: Miranda v.d. Olde Mette Moate Star Sport AAA (Beart 411 x Nammen 308), Yersie C. Crown Sport AAA (Hessel 480 x Beart 411) and Sanne T.T. Model Sport AA (Alwin 469 x Beart 411). All three mares have a score of 114 for their Total Index.

The list published by the KFPS showing the breeding values for mares (born since 2000) contains over 1850 mares with a breeding value of 107 or higher on their Total Index. Yersie and Sanne climbed one notch in the Total Index, Miranda lost a point so Miranda’s yearlong hegemony at the top of the leader board has now been interrupted.

Climber Cecilia

With three points, the most conspicuous climber in the top is Cecilia von Greifenstolz Crown AAA (Bartele 472 x Beart 411), who was last year’s IBOP star with a score of 90. Also in the top 10 is Rommy H. fan Twillens Model Sport AAA (Gjalt 426 x Sape 381) who combines her high breeding value with a kinship of 15.8%. Her full brother has received an invitation for next summer’s Presentation Days. Also further strengthening their position with an additional point in the Total Index were Joukje fan ‘t Reidfjild Star Preferent AA (Dries 421 x Doaitsen 420), Alive S. van de Sprong Crown AAA (Beart 411 x Brend 413) and Wille fan Synaeda Crown Performance AAA (Beart 411 x Onne 376).

Omer 493 and Alwin 469

The list has welcomed fourteen newcomers – mostly 4-year-olds. With seven Alwin 469 daughters and five Omer 493 daughters these two stallions leave a strong mark. Even more, the Omer 493 daughters Hetty van Bungarten Star, Hester fan Ferwâlde Star and Ieke T. van Sessing Star also sport a low kinship with respectively 16.2%, 16.6% and 16.8%.

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