Ranking list breeding values mares has new leader and many newcomers

Carla Nijdam en Rinus Loman met hun merrie Byp van 't Lansink Ster AAA en amazone Fleur van Kempen tijdens de IBOP in april 2022 (Foto: Wil Smeets)

The new ranking list with breeding values of mares has grown longer and wider. With 1852 mares who scored a total index of 107 or higher in the previous year, this year this has risen to 2293 mares. The number of new mares and those with a low kinship percentage has grown as well.

Ranking list mares with Total Index of 107 and higher 

Ranking list mares with Total Index of 107 and higher including low kinship

Leading lady Byp van ‘t Lansink

Leading lady is Byp van ‘t Lansink Crown AAA (Alwin 469 x Beart 411) who combines a total of 112 for exterior with 113 for movement and 95 for blood variation. She promptly was the fastest climber with +5 points total index. The mare who consistently featured in place one in recent years, Miranda v.d. Olde Mette Moate Star Sport AAA (Beart 411 x Nammen 308), now ranks in place 5. For breeding value movement though, Miranda remains at the top with 114. The highest score for exterior is for three mares who all have a breeding value of 115: Joy van de Meikade Star AA (Tiede 501 x Pier 448), Klaske van de Lage Landen Star (Alwin 469 x Onne 376) and Liefke van de Oude Kleefsebaan Star (Tiede 501 x Uldrik 457).

Alwin 469 takes over from Beart 411

This year Alwin 469 just made it to the top of the leader board as the most widespread sire. That means Alwin 469 has overturned the yearlong predominance of Beart 411, who follows closely behind in place 2 of this ranking list. With 100 daughters each, Doaitsen 420, Jehannes 484 and Norbert 444 make their mark too.
The first mare who scores high on blood variation with a breeding value of 108 is the number 4 on the list: Hanne T. van ‘e Boppelannen Star AA (Omer 493 x Doaitsen 420). Hanne is one of the new young mares in the list with a total index of over 112. The same applies to Lobke fan der Byl Crown AAA (Alwin 469 x Doaitsen 420), Loeke fan ‘t Hoolven Crown AAA (Tiede 501 x Pier 448), Joy van de Meikade Star AA (Tiede 501 x Pier 448), Jildou Stal de Oergong Crown AAA (Ulbrân 502 x Jerke 434), Lavente van de Meikade Star (Tiede 501 x Beart 411), Jutta van ‘t Wilbroek Star (Tiede 501 x Tymon 456), Jenneke fan Dulve Crown AA (Tiede 501 x Tsjalke 397), Jara fan Dulve Star (Alwin 469 x Jasper 366) and Lutske H Star AAA (Tjebbe 500 x Alwin 469).

In addition to Model-, Crown- and many many Star mares, the list also features over 400 Studbook mares with in poll position newcomer Louka fan ‘e Grupstal Stb AA (Tjebbe 500 x Norbert 444). The kinship ranges from 14.5% to 19%.

Omer 593 leader of low-kinship ranking

If the ranking is extended with the extra condition of a 16.5 or lower kinship then 101 mares remain in the low-kinship list. With twenty daughters Omer 593 is a major supplier and hot on his heels we find Doaitsen 420 as a good second with sixteen daughters. The list also sports six genetically highly interesting B-Book mares, among them five Tjalf 443 daughters, all bred by Doorndraai Friesian Stud in South Africa. The first mare on the low-kinship list is the above-mentioned Hanne T. fan ‘e Boppelannen, followed by Romy H. fan Twillens Model Sport AAA (Gjalt 426 x Sape 381), Femke van ’t Kempke Crown AA (Omer 493 x Anton 343), Hetty van Bungarten (Omer 493 x Anders 451) and Ylse-Onyx fan ‘ e Boppelannen (Beart 411 x Naen 264) who all have a total index of 112. Highest-ranking Studbook mare is Liza fan de Kadyk (Omer 493 x Erik 351).

What mares make it onto the ranking list?

The ranking list is based on the following selection criteria:
• Reliability exterior and movement minimum 30%

  • Total index minimum 107
  • Up to 20 years old – born from 2003
  • All mares reported dead have been removed
  • A kinship of 16.5% or lower as extra condition for the list with low-kinship mares

Explanation use breeding values

Breeding values are a helping tool for arriving at the right pairing combinations. Breeding values of 96 – 104 are average. The values that fall outside this range are the more extreme characteristics. The larger the deviation the larger the effect that can be expected. It is the degree of reliability that is important. This reflects the degree of accuracy of the image of actual genetic aptitude. The higher the reliability the better the image of the actual genetic aptitude. In addition to exterior and movement characteristics, most Studbook stallions also have been given breeding values for (competition) sports and character. For mares these are as yet not sufficiently reliable for publication, but that does not change the fact that these are important characteristics.
The breeding values for total-exterior and total-movement are the average of the underlying characteristics multiplied by 1.25 in order to achieve a range of 4 for the total-breeding values. Blood variation also has a range of 4. In the total index, exterior and movement are weighed in at the ratio 40:60. Additionally, kinship is weighed in in such a way that selection based on the total index does not lead to increase of inbreeding. Basically this is 80:20, exterior/movement compared to blood variation, whilst working towards a range of 4 as well. The calculation will be further appraised and optimised in the next year.

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