Renewed MYKFPS asks for new login details

The renewed MYKFPS is (almost) back online, but it does ask for new login details. KFPS members receive these in their mailbox. Members without an email address will receive a letter containing instructions on how to access the new member portal. KFPS members were used to logging in with their membership number and password. The updated version requires an email address and password.

Email with login option

All KFPS members receive the email with a new login from the sender: This email is sent by Equis. Equis is the registration system in which all information of the horses is stored and can be retrieved via MYKFPS. If you have not received this e-mail, please check first whether the message has ended up in your SPAM files. If this is not the case, you can contact the KFPS studbook office or activate your account via the ‘forgot password’ function.

No email address, still log in to MYKFPS

KFPS members for whom no email address is known will receive a letter with specific instructions. Could you use some help? Then read the manuals for creating or resetting a password and the manual for the MYKPFS member portal here.

– Create or reset passwords
– Manual KFPS Member Portal / MYKFPS

If you have any questions about this migration, please contact the studbook office.

New software: more secure and user-friendly

The renewed MIJNKFPS works with new software, making the member portal more user-friendly and more secure. This renewal was already planned for 2023 anyway and has now been accelerated. Not all tools are immediately available, they will be available as soon as possible after the introduction of the new member portal.


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