Rich yield of new Model mares

Swaen fan 'e Miedeplaets (Foto: Ingrid Truijens)

Because the Central Inspection was cancelled the inspections on location have turned into some sort of mini breeding days. That means upgrading also takes place at these inspections. Up till now that has already resulted in a decent number of new Model mares. Let’s steal a little glimpse into the lives of Rommy H. fan Twillens, Silke fan ‘e Ridderdyk, Sjieke van de Klei and Swaen fan ‘e Miedepleats.

Rommy: from Star to Model

The biggest impression in upgrading was made by Rommy H. fan Twillens Sport AA (Gjalt 426 x Sape 381). She arrived at the inspection as a Star mare and went home as a Model mare. This 7-year-old mare, owned by Ger Boersma and Jacqueline Bijlard, was late to mature. She received a first premium as a foal, when she returned into the ring as a 5-year-old she made it to Star with a second premium. Jacqueline rides Rommy in the sport and therefore the mare has good muscling and is supple in her body. ‘She has good work ethics but remains cool in the head and isn’t easily upset. She knows she has to be at her best in the ring. That’s where she reaches her peak.’ For Ger the Model declaration is the crowning of his father’s achievements, who bred the mare and handed her down to the next generation of breeders. ‘We are terribly proud.’

Silke: good-looking, athletic, fertile and breeding power

Model mare Silke fan ‘e Ridderdyk AAA (Eibert 419) was pregnant with her fifth foal at the moment of earning the Model predicate this year. The 7-year-old mare is owned by the Duiven family who frequently engage in a bit of trading with their Friesian horses. So Silke’s dam and granddam were sold, but not before they had given the Duiven family a few foals. ‘That’s how we can hang on to some fine lines’, Tiemon Duiven explains. What’s so extraordinary about Silke is not just her Model predicate or triple A IBOP score, but especially her breeding capacity. ‘There’s no guarantee that Model mares also breed well, but Silke definitely does’, Tiemon Duiven states. At the inspection where Silke was honoured her daughter Fardau (Epke 494) also received the Star predicate. ‘We hope she’ll develop in the same way as her mother.’

Swaen: from a good nest and an exemplary career

Successful breeder Tieme Visser is the owner of the fine, breed-typical and excellent mover Model mare Swaen fan ‘e Miedepleats (Alwin 469). ‘When I saw her as a 5-year-old I was instantly smitten.’ The mare was for sale because getting her pregnant was a problem, but surprisingly Visser immediately managed to get her in foal. Swaen comes from a good nest, her granddam is Rixt W. Star Preferent Performance (Hearke 254), a half-sister to Jasper 366. Swaen was bred by the Van der Ende family but they were forced to sell her at the age of two because the family was struck by illness. They keep following the performances of their breeding product. Swaen attracted attention in showdriving sports and when she became Model the family watched it on livestream. The breeders behind the Swaen pedigree, the Wijma family, are delighted. ‘She has everything our Fan Panhuys breeding stands for: the highest achievable at inspections and in the sport.’

Sjieke lives up to her name

Pretty as a picture, a strong build with hard legwork and fantastic movement: Sjieke van de Klei Model AA (Beart 411) has it all. Her breeders are the Braam family, who purchased Sjieke’s dam. ‘She stems from the Leijendekker line’, Alie Braam gives as their main reason for buying Sjieke’s dam Lobke Joukje Star Preferent (Tsjalke 397). She has brought eleven offspring and the combination with Beart 411 turned out really well. As a 2-year-old Sjieke already received an orange rosette at the inspection of Ambt Delden and aged three she became Breeding Day Champion in Kootwijk. The previous Christmas Sjieke went on sale at the Christmas auction because the Braam family had too many horses. The bids for Sjieke, still Crown at the time, were not high enough so she came home again. ‘She’s a gem, a top mare you don’t breed all the time. So much quality, such a horse doesn’t come cheap.’ At the Braam yard Sjieke – in foal by Tymen 503 – also has a first-premium daughter: Fay van de Klei (Norbert 444) and a full sister who is Crown. ‘For the right buyer Sjieke is still for sale.’



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