Rommert 498 Sport Elite AA to Mexico

Lieke Lueks - Rommert 498 Horses2Fly KFPS Sportcompetitie Tuigen KFPS Hengstenkeuring 2023 © DigiShots

KFPS Studbook stallion Rommert 498 Sport Elite AA is going to change stables to Finca Sanro in Mexico. This stallion was bred by Pieter and Tiety Okkema of Stal De Noeste Hoeve and will become stable mates with Dedmer 519 and Beant 517. Towards the end of the year Studbook stallion Jimte 533 will also be added to the meanwhile impressive stallion collection that Jonathan Robles and Sandra Sanchez have built at their Finca Sanro.

Sport Elite in three disciplines

The 10-year-old stallion, stabled at Albert Lueks’ stallion station, quite caught the eye with his performances in the sport in the past year, which won him the Sport Elite predicate in three disciplines. At the Stallion Inspection Rommert 498 (Norbert 444 x Jasper 366) was Champion of the Horses2fly KFPS Sport Competition Showdriving and gave an eye-catching presentation in the Friesian Proms with Lieke Lueks. In 2022 he became Champion KFPS stallions in front of the show-carriage as well as in the long lines. In 2021 he won the Silver Bowl for the Championship Studbook stallions in front of the sjees.
Pieter and Tiety Okkema bred Rommert 498 out of Lieske fan ‘e Welle Star Preferent Performance (Jasper 366 x Oege 267) and have always remained his owners.

Permanent approval in 2022

The Performance Test already revealed that Rommert 498 would become a good sport horse. Particularly his powerful use of the hind leg has great appeal and it’s an asset he passes on to his offspring. On the basis of his progeny’s performances he was also permanently approved in 2022, with the extra observation that his offspring have ´exemplary stable manners´.

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