Saga (Yme 507) light-footedly trots to Youngster Championship Denmark

Axel Månsson met zijn team helpers: Sara Hestehave, Eline Larsen, Malene Madsen (not in the picture), Laerke Mousing

July 31, 2021
Axel Månsson with his team of helpers: Sara Hestehave, Eline Larsen, Malene Madsen (not in the picture), Laerke Mousing

On Saturday the 31st of July the Youngster Champion Title at the inspection in Denmark was for Saga von Inger Marienlund (Yme 507 x Tsjalke 397).

Double Danish success

After the Youngster Championship breeders Alex Månsson and Hessel Jan Oosterhof had reason to congratulate each other. Both first-premium foals came from Månsson’s stable and so the Youngster Title was a sure thing. The fact that Jury members Piet Bergsma and Esther Reen chose the light-footed Saga von Inter Marienlund (Yme 507 x Tsjalke 397) also meant a fine success for Oosterhof: he’s the one who bred Yme 507!

Two orange rosettes

A total of fifteen foals were inspected: nine colt foals and six filly foals. Two foals were presented with an orange rosette. The first premium for colt foals went to the light-footed and elegantly-built Pontus von Inger-Marienlund (Jehannes 484 x Jasper 366), who’s owned by Alex Månsson from Brande. The other first premium and the Champion came from the same yard: Saga von Inger-Marienlund (Yme 507 x Tsjalke 397) trotted to a first premium with great suppleness, scope and beautiful breeding type. With flair and strong capacity for transitions Saga won the Youngster Title.

Yearlings second premium

In the yearling category Månsson had two entrants. These were the sisters of his first-premium foals. The strongly-developed Nora von Inger Marienlund (Jehannes 484 x Jasper 366) received a second premium and so did Nana von Inger-Marienlund (Nane 492 x Tsjalke 397).

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