Sandra Sivertsen, Aftonmora: ‘Alke 468 is the last piece of the jigsaw’

September 30, 2020

Aftonmora from Sweden is the owner of Alke 468 Sport (Fabe 348 x Jacob 302). ‘With respect to qualities and blood lines he is a very good match for the Friesian horses in Scandinavia’, is how Sandra Sivertsen from Aftonmora explains her purchase. She adds that all their Friesian stallions will remain available for the Dutch market. ‘We are looking around for an accommodation to house our stallions in the Netherlands.’

Interesting blood lines Alke 468

Last week word got around that Mees 497 is now also in Swedish hands. The stallion stays in the Netherlands and his regular rider Leonie Evink will continue to ride him, Sandra Sivertsen emphasises, who gets lots of questions about their recent purchases. ‘Purchasing these stallions is our strategy to secure them for our breeding programme. For us Alke 468 is the last piece in the jigsaw puzzle. He has interesting blood lines, lots of breeding type, is Sport and has a very sweet personality.’

Only Sipke 450 in Sweden

Meanwhile Aftonmora owns five stallions: Mees 497, Tymon 456, Sipke 450, Siert 499 and now too, Alke 468. Of these, only Sipke 450 is stationed in Sweden, Sandra explains. ‘Aftonmora is definitely not planning to relocate all stallions to Sweden. Instead, we’re looking for a solution to keep them in the Netherlands and exchange their semen so that these stallions can be used by Scandinavian as well as Dutch breeders. This offers breeders of Friesian horses in Sweden a fine package of stallions to choose from, Sandra states. ‘The Friesian horse is popular. With these stallions from different blood lines we provide a good selection so that the breeding of Friesians can be done responsibly.’

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