Sape 381 Sport is no more: ‘Celebrate his life’

On January the 27th, owner Matt Gish of Signature Friesians, Baldwin City (USA), informed us that their stallion Sape 381 (Fabe 348 x Feitse 293) has died. The stallion lived to be 23.
Sape 381 was bred by Foeke van der Velde, Terwispel, out of the Model Preferent Performance Olcha from the famous mare line 050. In 2001, Sape 381 was pronounced Overall Champion at the Stallion Inspection. One year later and in 2004 he received the Reserve Title. He was approved on offspring in 2004 and won himself the Sport predicate in 2010.


‘Unfortunately, today the 27th of January, we had to say goodbye to our Sape 381 Sport’, Gish reports on Facebook. ‘When we bought him we had no idea how much of a personality he was because we had never really been in close touch with him. We saw him many times at the SI where he always ended in the high regions, but when I flew home with him that was the first time I really experienced what he was like.’


‘We knew he was a show-off, had superb blood lines and his offspring were doing exceptionally well. But what we found out next was that none of these things could come anywhere near his personality and charisma. He was absolutely the sweetest horse you could ever wish for. Many people who only had the briefest encounter with him all felt the same way.’

Contribution to the Friesian horse

‘Sape has given so much to the Friesian breed. We have organised various inspection sessions here at our home and on those occasions I always had a chat with the Jury members. Many of them owned a ‘Sape’ mare. It was unfortunate that he never had an approved son but he features in many dam lines of excellent horses. He can still boast a fantastic Star percentage of 50%. To us he is a Preferent stallion.’

‘Celebrate his Life’

‘We are so happy we can call Sape a part of our family. We wish to celebrate his life, so please don´t say ‘sorry’, but instead share your own personal experience you may have had with Sape, or perhaps a photo of your Sape offspring and tell us your story. Let´s celebrate all he has given us!’ This request has resulted in great response on Facebook.

Source: Facebook Matt Gish
Photo above: Sape 381 in 2010 by Remco Veurink

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