Save the Date: KFPS thematic meetings in November

In November the KFPS is organising four thematic meetings in the Netherlands as well as one online thematic meeting in English for members in the foreign countries. The focus of these meetings will be on the development of a future long-term vision and the exchange of knowledge and ideas with the aim of jointly reaching a Long-term Strategy 2024-2029. After the regional- and Member Council meetings this will be finalised in the Spring of 2024.

Three inspirational presentations with enticing themes

Three short video presentations will be used to introduce three topics highlighting several dilemmas and themes, inviting the members to share their opinions. The three presentations are:
• Health with Dr. Ir. Bart Ducro, Wageningen UR
• Integrity & Professionalism with Domien Andela, Integrity Committee KFPS
• Animal Welfare by Mieke Theunissen, Secretary Equine Sector Council

Dates five thematic meetings

Enrolment for these thematic meetings is necessary. This can be done via or via the office in Drachten: 0512-523888. Starting time of the meetings is 20:00 hrs.
List of dates and locations:
• Monday 13 November at Van der Valk in Hengelo (Ov)
• Wednesday 15 November at Van der Valk in Almere
• Monday 20 November at Van der Valk in Leeuwarden
• Wednesday 22 November at West Cord Hotel in Eindhoven
• Tuesday 21 November online in English for all foreign members, from 16:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs.

MyKFPS under messages

This meeting has no attachment in writing. All members will shortly receive the information in MyKFPS under the heading ‘Messages’. Here you can also find the other agenda items for the regional meeting:

Agenda thematic meeting Long-term Strategy autumn 2023

1. Opening

2. Announcements

3. Documents received

4. Approval minutes previous meeting*

5. Debate Long-term Strategy 2024-2029

o Health: Presentation Bart Ducro

o Integrity & Professionalism: Presentation Domien Andela

o Animal Welfare: Presentation Mieke Theunissen

6. Financial statements

o Budget 2024

0 Staff planning*

o Establish membership fees and rates 2024

7. Appointments

– Nominations from the Confidential Committee*: Candidate(s) for the Board

– Nomination from the Board*: Disciplinary Committee

– Nomination from the Board*: Breeding Council

8. Amendment of the articles of association

9. Any other business

10. Closure

* Voting for these items strictly only in the Member Council


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