Seal of approval for Julius 486, Eise 498, Meinte 490 and Jurre 495


December 24, 2021

The KFPS has approved Julius 486, Eise 489, Meinte 490 and Jurre 495 on offspring.

Julius 486 Sport Elite AAA (Norbert 444) is stationed in the US and has himself scored high points in his Central Examination. The exterior of the Julius 486 offspring is satisfactory. They have more than satisfactory aptitude as a sport horse but in trot the hind leg needs to develop more carrying capacity. The Julius 486 offspring have pleasant characters.

The Eise 489 Sport Elite AAA (Maurits 437) offspring are pleasant and happy horses. Their exterior is satisfactory but the offspring would benefit from slightly stronger connections. They have good aptitude as a sport horse, but the walk needs attention. They respond very well to training and have good willingness to work as well as perseverance.

The Meinte 490 Sport Elite AAA (Beart 411) offspring also have good aptitude for the sport with positive remarks for their walk. The Meinte offspring score a satisfactory for exterior but are slightly lacking in breed expression and conformation. They have very pleasant characters and easy contact manners.

The fourfold SI winner Jurre 495 Sport AAA (Maurits 437) gives offspring with very responsive characters. In the yard they are pleasant horses and in the work they are reliable and have lots of learning capacity. The aptitude for the sport is satisfactory, the walk needs a bit of attention. Jurre’s exterior is good, his daughters have a Star percentage of 60%.

Comprehensive reports

The comprehensive reports with all information and breeding values of these stallions will become available asap in the New Year and will also be included in the Stallion Information 2022, which will be released together with the February issue of Phryso.

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