Second chance SI 2022: Ilja (Jurre 495) and Dietmer (Omer 493) through to Presentation Days

At the second chance of the KFPS Stallion Inspection 2022 in Warga on Thursday the 24th of June, Ilja van de Bloemhof Star (Jurre 495 x Ulke 338) and Dietmer fan ‘e Ridderdijk Star Sport (Omer 493 x Ulke 338) have both received the green light for the Presentation Days.

Good walk for Ilja

The 4-year-old Ilja van Bloemhof (Jurre 495), bred and owned by F. and J. Bloemhof in Bolsward, was presented under saddle by Jelmer Ketelaar and caught the eye with his good-looking type and strong walk. Ilja is an offspring from the well-known Grevinne fan Lutke Peinjum Star Preferent Performance (Ulke 338) from pedigree 50, also known to have produced KFPS Studbook stallion Tjalbert 460.

Light-footed Dietmer

The 5-year-old Dietmer fan ‘e Ridderdijk Star Sport (Omer 493), bred and owned by A. Duiven-Lettinga in Hartwerd, was presented in the harness by Age Okkema and demonstrated a light-footed trot and lots of capacity for transitions. Dietmer is an offspring from the mare Eelkje van Tsjerkgaast Preferent Performance (Ulke 338) from pedigree 143, who‘s also dam to KFPS Studbook stallion Walt 487, and has a kinship percentage of 16.99%.

Convincing presentations

According to Hergen van Hall both horses have the potential to further improve; ‘These are two stallions that have given convincing presentations but there is certainly also room for improvement. Ilja has a strong walk and canter but needs to develop more use of the back in trot. Dietmer trots and canters with good technique but must learn to move more easily in the walk.’ Head of Jury Piet Bergsma is keen to find out what this pair is going to demonstrate at the Presentation Days: ‘Both horses have given good presentations. As for Dietmer, we’re looking forward to seeing him under saddle. Ilja too is a horse we would like to see more of, his type and especially his croup could potentially be of added value.’

Both stallions join up on the second Presentation Day which will be held on July the 15th, which leads up to the Central Examination.

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