Seven new Model mares in the spotlight

Pleun van t Lansink Model AA Foto Ingrid Truijens

The recent inspections on location have yielded new Model mares. In Phryso an in-depth article about Sanne T.T., Summer van Stal de Berkmeer, Juwiel H. fan Lutke Peinjum, Renske Carmen f.t Visserschwei, Pleun van ‘t Lansink, Setske fan Oostenburg and Sophie van d’n Meulenpad.

Let’s start with the last one, Sophie van d’n Meulenpad Model AA (Beart 411), who comes from a strong dam line that has also produced Tymon 456. Her breeder Jo Jansen bought Sophie’s dam as a foal. At 1.57m, this Maria L. Star (Wierd 409) was a tat small as a 3-year-old, but she continued to grow and soon became Star. Sophie was her third foal and would eventually grow to a size at withers of 1.67m. Sophie became Reserve Youngster Champion when a yearling and at the age of three soon became Star with a first premium. Elke van Lysebettens is a novice breeder and bought Sophie from Jansen, who she can always fall back on for aid and expertise. Sophie is the epitome of breeding type, with lots of impulsion and looseness in movement, and a good walk at that. By now Sophie is in foal by Tiede 501, Van Lysebettens tells us. ‘It’s really quite fun for me as a novice breeder to start building my own line with such a mare.’

Sanne T.T. Sport Model AA (Alwin 469) is a Model mare who excels on all fronts, the Jury commented. She was a special horse right from the beginning. As a yearling she became Reserve Champion at the Central Inspection, a year later Reserve 2-year-olds as well as Reserve Youngster Champion at the Central Inspection, where she caught the eye with her spectacular trot and wonderful use of the hind leg. Sanne was bred by G. H. Timmer from Tiel, who bought the 4-year-old Beytske E. Star Preferent (Erik 351) from Gerard Karnebeek in Goor. Beytske is Sanne’s granddam and just an inch away from becoming double Preferent. Sanne’s dam Tessa Beytske Star Preferent (Beart 411) has already had two sons referred to the Central Examination and a third was selected for this year’s Presentation Days. Sanne T.T. was sold when still a foal and via Willem Lokhorst and Jan Folmer she came to Jaap van der Meulen when she was a yearling. With 113 in the total index, Sanne T.T. ranked fourth on the list of mares with the highest breeding values for exterior and sport, early this year. Meanwhile, Sanne has given birth to two foals by Elias 494. Last year the mare competed in dressage sports under Nienke Schrale. ‘In next to no time she had eight winning points and received the Sport predicate.’

Summer van Stal de Berkmeer Model Sport AAA (Wylster 463) came to the inspection as a Star mare and went home as a Model mare. ‘We were hoping for a first premium and Crown’, her owner Lia Sijs says. ‘The fact that she became Model feels like a dream.’
Summer, from mare line 103, is a truly sporty mare. Her rider Lisette Westerbeek has moved up through all dressage levels. In 2019 the mare earned the Sport predicate and completed an IBOP Test with the high score of 83 points, which gave Summer the privilege of putting AAA behind her name. ‘Summer is a feisty character, one with a mind of her own, she knows exactly what she wants. But she’s also very sweet and reliable. When I make my way to the field Summer’s always the first at the gate to get a cuddle.’ After two Nane 492 colts Summer is again pregnant by Nane 492.

For Juwiel H. fan Lutke Peinjum Model Sport AA (Tsjalle 454) the location inspections were a blessing. ‘The calmness during those inspections on location are much to Juwiel’s advantage’, says her owner Marcel Schoo from Stal Jede, and Juwiel is his second Model mare this season. Juwiel stems from the famous pedigree 50 and was bred by the late Nanne Osinga. A family tree that has brought forth many Preferent mares. Juwiel’s dam Hawar fan Lutke Peinjum is Star Pref A (Jasper 366) and the 4th mare behind Juwiel is Setske F. Star Pref Performance (Feitse 293), Beart 411’s dam. Juwiel already has seven offspring, one of them a Crown daughter: Crystal Jede (Alwin 469). Via the embryo transfer technique Juwiel will get even more opportunities. ‘Buyers are showing an interest‘’, Marcel tells us. ‘But Juwiel is one of the best horses in our yard. Selling your best horse would be equivalent to selling your breeding stud.’

We know Renske Carmen f.d. Visscherwei Model Sport (Tsjalke 397) from the dressage ring. Under rider Isabelle Vroomans she achieved fantastic results, like the Championship 6-year-olds at the European Championships in 2019. Yet, life has not always been plain sailing for this mare. In 2018 an injury prompted a year’s rest for Renske Carmen. Renske Carmen was bred and is still owned by Elvera Scholten who sort of, purchased Renske Carmen’s dam Fleur fan ‘e Leyepoel Crown AA (Olof 315) out of necessity as a field companion for a 3-month-old orphaned foal. It was only later that she became aware of the fine dam line of pedigree 25. In 2019 Renske Carmen gave birth to a Mees 497 foal and she is presently in foal by Wibout 511.

Pleun van ‘t Lansink Model AA (Norbert 444) was the 3-year-old Champion of the 2016 Central Inspection. Four years on and she is Model: ‘The crown on our work’, according to her breeders and owners Rinus Loman and Carla Nijdam. Some 25 years ago they purchased Pleun’s granddam Karin S. Preferent (Tsjomme 329). Karin remained Studbook but that did not stop her from rising to Preferent on the basis of four of her six offspring. Carla and Rinus breed ‘modern Friesian horses with a crest and heaps of feathers who have a sunny outlook on life.’ That’s exactly Pleun, who according to Rinus is ‘hardworking and honest, but at the same time pretty feisty. You have to have a click with her.’ Thanks to embryo transfer Pleun already has six offspring in the space of three years, with the first ones heading for inspection next year. For next year they’re expecting an Elias 494 foal. Rinus: ‘Pleun behaves like a queen and when we turn her out in the field she immediately makes her way to the back end, which has a water trough with surrounding concrete slabs. Those slabs are slightly higher than the field. Then she positions herself with the forelegs on the slabs so that she can survey the entire meadow. There she stands, ruling like a queen, with a strong front and ears tipping. Just telling you this gives me goose bumps again. It’s such a great sight!’

There are plenty of exceptional stories to tell about the Model mares. It’s the same with Setske fan Oostenburg Model (Tsjalle 454 x Beart 411). Oozing breeding type, sublime movement and a formidable lineage were the ingredients that easily earned Barry and Ilona Jonkman’s mare the Model predicate. Setske is a half sister of Menne 496 (Norbert 444), from pedigree 28, which in Setske’s case is also brimming with Preferent mares. Setske, bred by Arie de Hoek, went to auction as a foal where she was bought by a group of investors. After the auction she was raised at Ingeborg Klooster’s yard, which is situated just across from Barry and Ilona’s place and they purchased Setske when she was a Star mare, intending to start themselves in breeding. ‘Setske is so athletic and has such incredible stamina that she’s more like a KWPN horse’, Ingeborg says, who rode Setske, aged five, to victory in the Pavo Fryso Cup. Setske has already given birth to a filly by Elias 494, for next year a surrogate mare is carrying her foal by Jurre 495. Setske is on course for getting the Sport predicate, Ingeborg explains.

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